Teacher Out Of Hospital After Stopping School ShootingThe hero teacher who stopped a school shooter is heading home.
Teacher Hailed A Hero In Indiana School ShootingA teacher is being hailed a hero after intervening in a school shooting in Indiana. The teacher and another student were injured in the gunfire.
WATCH: $600,000 Flies Over Highway After Brinks Truck Door OpensDrivers on an Indiana highway got an unexpected payday after the back door of a Brinks truck opened, sending hundreds of thousands of dollars flying into the air.
Trump, Unpredictable Ally For GOP, Tests Influence On TaxesWhen President Donald Trump announced his plans to sell the GOP tax overhaul plan in Indiana, party leaders cheered his engagement on the high-stakes issue.
Grandfather Says Murder Of 2 Indiana Teens ‘Has Torn A Hole That Never Will Heal’A grandfather is making a plea for help in finding the man who killed his granddaughter and her friend in Indiana.
Trump Takes On Another Indiana Manufacturer Moving To MexicoPresident-elect Trump is taking on another Indiana manufacturer that has plans to let go of workers and move operations to Mexico.
Trump, Clinton Itching To Engage Each Other After Indiana A day ahead of Indiana's primary Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are looking past their party rivals and instead looking at each other.
'Annie' On National Tour Is Led By A Keeper Of The FlameIf you catch the latest national tour of "Annie," you're in for a treat — the original director and lyricist is running the show. That's like drinking real Coke after years of only having New Coke.
Florida Gets Chunk From UPS Settlement A multi-million dollar settlement has been reached with UPS in a lawsuit claiming bad delivery practices.
Protests Planned At Florida Planned ParenthoodsAnti-abortion activists have their own plans this weekend. Several groups are expected to protest at more than a dozen Planned Parenthood facilities across Florida on Saturday.
Florida Abortions Dip, But Not As High As Other StatesBetween 2010 and 2014, Florida has seen the number of abortions performed in the state drop by 10 percent. However, that is still less than in other Republican-led states that have more aggressive restrictions on the procedure.