POST SEASON HUDDLE – Gino Sandora, WesternHas the opportunity, with head coach Adam Ratkevich and this quality program, to be very special this season.
POST SEASON HUDDLE: Diamante Howard - SouthridgeThis is a talented young man who has been making a solid impact for a long time. Fast off the ball, strong and a sure tackler.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Khris Bogle, Cardinal GibbonsSolid pass rusher who is quick, has a huge wingspan and is picking up more and more technique as he competes against top flight athletes.
POST SEASON HUDDLE: Brieon Fuller – Doral AcademyQuality pass catcher who will be a difference maker at the next level. Many are looking forward to his final year.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Jovan Ferguson - Booker T. WashingtonThis is a major football talent who has the chance this coming year to be one of the best in South Florida.
Post Season Huddle: Wayne Barr - NorlandHere is a talented prospect that we have talked about since the end of his sophomore year. A very hard worker who always puts himself in a position to make plays.
Post Season Huddle: Antoine “A.J.” Wright – South MiamiHere is one of those tremendous football prospects who can really play just about anywhere on the field.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Leonard Lucas, Jr. - Miami HighA quality player who came in this year, learned plenty and ends being one of those big men responsible for the success of the Stingarees.
In The State Championship Huddle: Chatarius “Tutu” Atwell – NorthwesternPlaying his final game in a career that Bulls’ fans will gladly talk about for decades to come, you can add state champion to the list of positives this impressive athlete has accomplished.
In The State Championship Huddle: Ahmaud Jordan – Chaminade-MadonnaLike many of the younger players on this team, this is someone who has the opportunity to be very special.
In The State Championship Huddle: Rachad Wildgoose – NorthwesternWildgoose has proven that he is talented and very physical – and we have been fortunate to see him perform, everywhere he’s been.
In The State Championship Huddle: Marcus Lodge – American HeritageHere is one of those prospects who became an important part of this program – with huge catches and big plays when the Patriots needed it the most.
In The State Championship Huddle: Akeem Hayes – Chaminade-MadonnaSpeed, athleticism and a skill level so impressive, the University of Kentucky will have him on the roster next year.
In The State Championship Huddle: Jovens Janvier – Champagnat CatholicJanvier has tremendous footwork, and for a sophomore, he has gotten stronger and has learned a lot about the position.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Noah Lieberman - NSU University SchoolThis was a prospect that coaches had talked about and pointed to as someone who could lift the Sharks up.