Florida Senate OKs Sanctuary Policy BanLocal governments and police agencies would have to cooperate with federal authorities who enforce immigration law under a bill passed by the Florida Senate.
'Sanctuary City' Measure Ready For Florida Senate VoteThe Senate is ready to vote on a controversial sanctuary-city measure after making changes that included giving the governor authority to remove any official who fails to comply with federal immigration law.
Sanctuary-City Bill Would Give Governor DeSantis Power To Enforce Immigration LawsAs Republican lawmakers seek to ban so-called sanctuary cities, Gov. Ron DeSantis is trying to make sure legislation would give him power to take action against officials who do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities.
Florida House On Verge Of Passing ‘Sanctuary City’ BanThe Republican-controlled House, for the fourth year in a row, is poised to pass legislation that would punish local officials who do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities.
Reps Wasserman Schultz, Shalala, Mucarsel-Powell Denied Entry Into Homestead Children's Shelterhree Democratic congresswomen will be denied access by the Trump Administration to tour a government-run center for unaccompanied migrant children on Monday in Homestead.
South Florida Lawmaker Seeks Answers On Migrant ChildrenA Miami lawmaker on Thursday sent a letter to the head of the state’s child-welfare agency demanding to know the steps it is taking to ensure migrant children in a federal shelter in Homestead are housed “safe and free from sexual abuse.”
House Bill Seeks Tough Stance On Sanctuary CitiesA House panel Wednesday began to advance a controversial ban on so-called sanctuary cities that would lead to tough penalties if local governments do not fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities, including removal of local officials from their posts.
Oregon Senator Tours Florida Teen Detention Camp He Wants Shut DownImmigration has been an extremely hot topic in the United States over the past two years, and a big part of that discussion has to do with children.
Sheriffs Look At Options Amid DeSantis Immigration PushGov. Ron DeSantis is pushing more Florida sheriffs to cooperate with the federal government to keep potentially deportable criminals behind bars until they’re handed off to immigration agents.
Company Behind Homestead Migrant Camp For Kids Stops IPO PlanThe corporation behind Homestead Temporary Shelter for Undocumented Children is now abandoning plans to go public.
Temporary Protected Status Extended For US Residents From Sudan, El Salvador, Haiti & NicaraguaThe Department of Homeland Security is extending Temporary Protected Status for U.S. residents from Sudan, El Salvador, Haiti, and Nicaragua.
Plan Targeting ‘Sanctuary Cities’ In Florida Moves ForwardAn effort to ensure local governments in Florida fully comply with requests from federal immigration authorities passed a key Senate panel on Tuesday, after lawmakers voted to strip penalties for local officials who favor so-called sanctuary cities.
Homestead Facility For Unaccompanied Minors Expanding, Currently Housing Over 1,500 ChildrenA shelter for migrant children in Homestead is expanding.
Immigrants In Miami Turned Away By Courts, Shutdown BlamedThe longest government shutdown in United States history may be over, but there continue to be harsh lingering effects.
South Florida 'Dreamers' Advocate Reacts To Trump's Latest Immigration Proposal An immigration advocate is reacting to President Trump’s proposal for immigration reform and border security.