Immigration Fight To Be Heard In SeptemberA federal appeals court will hear arguments in September in Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s challenge to immigration-enforcement moves by the Biden administration.
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody Wants Quick Action In Immigration AppealAfter a lower-court judge rejected the state’s arguments, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody wants a federal appeals court to quickly take up a challenge to immigration-enforcement moves by President Joe Biden’s administration.
Biden Admin Grants Humanitarian Protection For Haitians In The USThe Biden administration has granted humanitarian protection for Haitians, allowing an estimated 100,000 people to apply to remain lawfully in the United States.
Florida Atty. Gen. Ashley Moody Appeals After Immigration RulingFlorida Attorney General Ashley Moody has launched an appeal after a federal judge refused to block immigration-enforcement moves by President Joe Biden’s administration.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Demands Enforcement Of Federal Immigration LawFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis held a news conference Thursday demanding that the federal government ensure the transfer of criminal aliens to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities upon completion of their state prison terms.
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody Files Lawsuit Challenging Federal Immigration MovesFlorida Attorney General Ashley Moody has filed a federal lawsuit challenging immigration moves by President Joe Biden’s administration, contending that the decisions threaten public safety.
Florida Rep. Mario Diaz Balart Calls Biden's Immigration Plan An 'Unrealistic, Partisan Effort That Neglects National Security'The White House unveiled President Joe Biden’s sweeping new immigration bill on Thursday. It offers a path to citizenship for most of the 11 million undocumented immigrants, including the so-called Dreamers. The bill has little emphasis on border security which already has critics speaking out, but the President has already signaled he's open to compromise.
Facing South Florida: Immigration Advocate Reacts To RNCImmigration advocate Maria Rodriguez offered her reaction to claims made by Republicans during their convention.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation To Confirm Employment Eligibility Based On Immigration StatusGov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday quietly signed legislation that will require all government employers and some private businesses to use a federal electronic system known as E-Verify to check the immigration status of new workers.
Federal Judge Orders Release Of Migrants In Florida As Virus MeasureA federal judge ordered authorities to release hundreds of immigrants from three Florida detention centers to prevent a wider spread of the coronavirus and protect detainees with underlying conditions.
'Worried About Disproportionate Loss Of Life': Nonprofit Founder Fears Coronavirus Will Spur Public Health Crisis For ImmigrantsAs the U.S. responds to the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration has taken a host of measures to tighten immigration procedures, altering daily operations and disrupting the lives of thousands.