Hollywood Woman Warns Of Phone ScamsA Hollywood woman said what happened to her should be a cautionary tale to those who donate money to people on the phone who say they are with a charity.
Stealing A Child's Identity Is Easier And More Common Than You ThinkA survey found 1 million children were victims of identity theft in 2017.
Credit Freeze Failed, ID Thief Racks Up Thousands In Fraudulent ChargesFreezing your credit may not protect you from ID thieves, there's evidence they can still get credit in your name.
Thieves Steal Identities Using New Address ScamA look at how scammers can steal your identity with a simple trip to the post office in person or online.
Security Breaches Lead To Increase In Identity TheftSeveral massive security breaches in the past few years have exposed the personal information of millions of consumers.
Credit Card Skimming On The Rise In FloridaCredit-card skimming devices at Florida gas stations and stores are on a dramatic rise this year.
Former Cop Sentenced For Driver's License Theft SchemeA former Hialeah police officer who pled guilty earlier this year to corruption and identity theft charges has been sentenced to five years in a federal prison.
Palm Beach Deputy Withdraws Guilty Plea In ID Theft CaseA Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy accused of using his official position to aid an identity theft scheme has withdrawn his guilty plea in the case.
Ex-Hialeah Cop Pleads Guilty In Identity Theft ScamA former Hialeah police officer accused of using a confidential driver's license database to access personal information in an identity theft scheme has pleaded guilty to corruption charges.
Scam Goes Phishing For Uber DriversAn Uber driver got caught up in an old school scam that nearly cost her a day's earnings.
Strike Force Nabs 100+ In Identity Theft Fraud InvestigationMore than 100 people were charged after the U.S. Attorney's Office in Florida set up a task force to tackle identity theft.