Disturbance Off Northeast Florida Coast Has Low Chance For DevelopmentIt remains fairly quiet in the tropics as the CBS4 Weather team is only monitoring one disturbance near the southeast coast.
Tracking The Tropics: Hurricane Sam Continues To Weaken, Victor Likely To Fizzle OutSam passed to the east of Bermuda over the weekend and is now a Category 2 hurricane.
Hurricane Sam To Bring Tropical Storm Conditions To Bermuda, Victor Remains A 'Fish Storm'Dangerous and powerful Category 4 Hurricane Sam is not expected to strike Bermuda, but is forecast bring tropical storm conditions to the territory and other islands. 
Tracking The Tropics: Hurricane Sam and Tropical Storm VictorHurricane Sam remains a category 4 hurricane and Tropical Storm Victor could strengthen even more.
Victor Forms Over The Eastern Atlantic; Storm Expected To Stay Out To SeaTropical Storm Victor formed on Wednesday afternoon in the Eastern Atlantic.
Tracking The Tropics: Cat. 4 Sam To Bring Rough Surf To East Coast, Watch Two Other Systems In AtlanticHurricane Sam remains a Category 4 storm in the Atlantic expected to create life-threatening surf and rip currents along the east coast this weekend.
Hurricane Sam Strengthens Again To Category 4, Tracking Other Disturbances In AtlanticHurricane Sam has re-intensified into a powerful Category 4 storm.
Tracking The Tropics: Sam Remains Major Category 4 Hurricane Heading North As We Watch Two More Systems In AtlanticHurricane Sam remains a powerful, dangerous Category 4 storm in the Atlantic Ocean with winds of 130 mph.
Tracking The Tropics: Hurricane Sam Rapidly Strengthening In AtlanticTropical Storm Sam strengthened overnight and became the 7th hurricane of the season on Friday morning.
Tracking The Tropics: Tropical Storm Sam Has Developed In Central AtlanticTropical Depression #18 has strengthened and is now Tropical Storm Sam in the Central Atlantic.
Tracking The Tropics: Peter And Rose Weakening, Strong Wave Expected To FormTracking Tropical Storm Peter as it passes near the eastern Caribbean. Also, two other areas to watch for possible development