Dogs In Need Of Forever Homes Arrive In Florida From The BahamasDogs left without shelter by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas are arriving in Florida in need of homes.
South Florida Hurricane Aid, Volunteers Being Sent To Hurricane Ravaged BahamasBy air and by sea, supplies and volunteers from South Florida continue to head to the Hurricane Dorian ravaged northern Bahamas
Nearly 1,500 Hurricane Dorian Victims Evacuated Out Of Bahamas On Cruise To West Palm BeachNearly 1,500 people escaped the desperate situation in the Bahamas on a cruise to Florida.
Bahamians Sticking It Out In One Of The Towns Most Ravaged By Hurricane DorianDespite the severe devastation that includes destroyed cars and broken power lines, some Bahamians are sticking it out in one of the most ravaged towns.
South Florida Communities Band Together With Relief-Focused Events To Help Bahamas After Hurricane DorianCommunities all around South Florida spent Saturday continuing the much-needed relief efforts to get the Bahamas back on its feet following the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.
Facing South Florida: State Rep. Shevrin Jones Talks Rebuilding Bahamas After Hurricane DorianState Rep. Shevrin Jones sat down with "Facing South Florida" host Jim DeFede to discuss what must be done to rebuild the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.
Dorian Moving Away From The Mid-Atlantic StatesAfter making landfall over Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Hurricane Dorian is pushing off to the northeast.
Cruise Line Offers Free Evacuations To Those On Grand Bahama IslandFlorida-based Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines is offering Bahamians stranded by Hurricane Dorian a way home.
Psychiatrist Shares How To Deal With Storm Stress In This Tech-Driven AgeIf you find yourself suffering from hurricane fatigue, Dr. Dan Bober has plenty of tips and techniques to get your mental health back in check.
Bahamas Consul General Asks For Supplies That Can Help With Rebuilding After Hurricane DorianThe Bahamas consul general spoke at the Broward Emergency Operations Center on Friday to ask for much-needed supplies that can help with rebuilding after Hurricane Dorian.
Premature Sea Turtle Hatchlings Taken In By Florida Zoo After Being Exposed By Hurricane DorianA total of 20 premature green sea turtle hatchlings have been taken in by a Florida zoo after their nest was exposed by Hurricane Dorian.
Hurricane Dorian Death Toll Rises To 30 In The BahamasThe death toll from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas is now at 30, and expected to rise. Officials are still trying to get more teams onto the islands to help residents and search through the devastation.
How To Avoid Hurricane Dorian Online Donation ScamsThe outpouring of support to help victims of Hurricane Dorian has been overwhelming, but with all of that kindness often come the crooks who are looking to rip off the kindhearted. 
Florida Wants Feds To Chip In For Hurricane Dorian PreparationsFlorida wants the White House to approve federal reimbursements for the state and 24 counties to help cover costs of Hurricane Dorian preparation, shelters and evacuation measures.
Cat. 2 Hurricane Dorian Brushing North Carolina CoastThe eyewall of Hurricane Dorian is just offshore, brushing the North Carolina coast.