Top Bike Trails In South FloridaThe greatest reason to live in South Florida is the ability to spend time outdoors every day of the year. A warm climate complimented by a cool ocean breeze, flat land as far as the eye can see and easy terrain to travel on, along with an abundance of scenery to admire, from the crystal blue ocean to the incredible wildlife and foliage to the massive waterfront homes, these are all factors that make bike riding one of the most popular South Florida activities. Spend an afternoon or spend an entire day exercising, enjoying and admiring your surroundings of the moment.
Top Craft Beers In South Florida For Your 4th Of July Backyard BBQAs the fireworks explode patriotically lighting up the darkness of the night sky, good times are shared with friends as part of the special meaning of the July 4th holiday. BBQs are a big part of the holiday weekend, and no party would be complete without the taste of some thirst-quenching craft beer. Toast the memories of the day with your favorite South Florida craft beer.
Top Outdoor Art In South FloridaSouth Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Not only is it considered as the land of sun, surf and non-stop nightlife, but, the area embraces art and its cultural roots. From Art Basel to ArtFest, the outdoor art displayed for all to see will transform your world and grasp your attention with the stroke of the brush or the magical result of stone, clay and wood. Artists come from the north, the south, from places close by, places far away, to make their claim to fame in a popular location, treasured for its cultural sophistication and diverse opportunities for talented artists.
Top Farmers' Markets Near South FloridaWhether as far south as the entrance to the Florida Keys or as far north as the city of Fort Lauderdale, a farmers' market is waiting to be explored and discovered by local residents and tourists alike in South Florida.
Most Instagram Worthy Locations Near South FloridaOne of the most ingenious advancements of our era was the invention of Instagram. The app has gone viral over the years with millions and millions of users sharing every moment of their lives in an endless photo stream. South Florida is lucky enough to have many areas that are definitely picture perfect and worthy of being posted on Instagram.
Top Stores To Shop For Mother's Day Gifts In South FloridaOne of the most important days of the year is Mother's Day. It is the day of the year when we can show mom our true appreciation for all she has done for us, from the time we could walk to present day as she helps us to solve our everyday dilemmas. Besides love and affection, the perfect gift proves that Mom is number one in our lives, and South Florida has just what you are looking for.
Top Spots To Buy A Tailored Suit In South FloridaBe the one to set an example for the others in your office and in your industry with a suit from one of these top tailors in South Florida.
Top Spots To See Spring Flowers In South FloridaThere is nothing more beautiful than walking amongst a garden of gorgeous flowers. South Florida is one of those special locales with a climate that is conducive to a wide variety of annuals and perennials and all kinds of blooming flowers.
Top Outdoor Music Venues In South FloridaTaking advantage of warm temperatures, that cool ocean breeze, plenty of sunshine and a gorgeous full moon every so often, artists jump at the chance to shine on stage in sunny South Florida at one of the many outdoor concert venues.
Top Veggie Sandwiches In South FloridaAlthough we have become a society of living life in the fast lane, always reaching for that moment of instant gratification, previous choices of fast food burgers and fries and drive-thru meals consisting of multiple calories are beginning to go by the wayside.
Ask A South Florida Expert: 5 Fun & Easy Science Projects To Do At HomeGrowing up and attending high school, science was either a class that you aced and others envied your proficiency in, or a class that kept you up nights trying to make headway with the homework. For most of us, fond memories always come to mind as we reminisce about the science projects that were a requirement throughout our semesters. Creativity and ingenuity were all part of the fun as we became makeshift scientists.