Fast-Moving Lava Threatens To Trap Residents As Volcanic Haze Reaches GuamDanger from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano has now reached Guam as fast-moving lava threatens to engulf more homes on the Big Island.
Lava Covers Plugged Well At Hawaii Geothermal Plant PropertyResidents on the Big Island of Hawaii can’t seem to catch a break.
Hawaii Volcano Eruptions Enter 4th WeekEruptions on Hawaii's big island are now entering the fourth week and one of the world's most active volcanoes is showing no sign of quieting down.
Lava Flow Threatens Geothermal Power Plant In HawaiiEmergency workers in Hawaii are racing to protect a geothermal power plant near the Kilauea volcano before it triggers a deadly gas.
New Danger In Hawaii As Lava Meets Ocean Creating 'Laze" A river of lava meeting an ocean of salt water is sending up plumes of smoke and steam on Hawaii's big island.
Hawaii Bracing For More EruptionsPeople on Hawaii's big island are bracing for another eruption from the summit of the Kilauea volcano.
Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Sends Ash Cloud 30,000 Feet Into The AirThere has been an eruption of explosive gas and ash at the Kileau Volcano in Hawaii.
Two Dogs Trapped Between Lava And Fence Rescued In HawaiiTwo tiny dogs in Hawaii have been rescued after they were found trapped between a fence and the dangerous lava flows.
Poison Gas Rising From Hawaiian Volcano FissuresAs if the catastrophic, home-devouring lava weren't bad enough, now residents have to worry about choking on sulfur dioxide.
Residents Evacuate As Lava Spews On Hawaii's Big IslandTwo new fissures opened on Hawaii's Big Island over the weekend, spewing lava and fumes and forcing more residents to evacuate.
18th Fissure Emitting Lava Leads To More Evacuations On Hawaii's Big IslandThree new fissures have opened on Hawaii's Big Island, spewing lava and fueling fears of violent explosions more than a week after the Kilauea volcano erupted.