Cuba Gives Visa To Senior American DiplomatPhilip Goldberg will be the highest-ranking U.S. foreign service officer to serve as charge d'affaires in Havana.
'Many Suffered Serious Injury': Senate Holds Hearing On Cuba 'Sonic' AttacksA Senate committee is trying to get down to the bottom of what happened to U.S. diplomats targeted in alleged 'sonic attacks.'
Rubio To Hold Hearing On 'Sonic Attacks' On U.S. Diplomats In CubaSen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) will hold the first open public hearing Tuesday on the mysterious sonic attacks on U.S. diplomats and other personnel in Cuba.
AP: Doctors Discover Brain Abnormalities In Cuba Sonic Attack Victims Doctors discovered brain abnormalities while treating victims of a sonic attack in Cuba, according to the Associated Press.
U.S. Tightens Restrictions On Cuba Travel, Business & TradeAmericans traveling to or doing business with Cuba will face new restrictions starting Thursday.
Cuba Denies Sonic Attacks, Says U.S. Lacks EvidenceThe Cuban government is defending itself against allegations of sonic attacks on American diplomats.
Private Citizens Say They Have Health Symptoms After Visiting CubaPrivate citizens are complaining they experienced symptoms similar to those suffered by U.S. diplomats targeted in sonic attacks in Havana, Cuba. 
Spirit Airlines Discontinuing Service To CubaAnother low-cost carrier is pulling out of Cuba citing high costs.
American Air Opens First Ticketing Office In Havana Amid veiled threats from President Trump that he would roll back the normalization process with Cuba that began under the Obama administration, American Airlines has taken a big step and opened its first ticketing office on the island.
Demand For Travel To Cuba May Be FlatteningDemand for travel to Cuba may be leveling off with soaring hotel prices on the island, American and uncertainty over whether new travel restrictions could be imposed when Donald Trump takes office.
Trek To Castro's Final Resting Spot Traces Revolution's PastFidel Castro's band of bearded rebels won power in 1959 and embarked on a victory tour from the eastern Cuban city of Santiago to Havana. On Wednesday, his ashes will make that same journey in a procession to his final resting spot.