Coronavirus Testing: Do Not Return To Hard Rock Stadium Site For Return-To-Work ClearanceIf you recently visited the Hard Rock Stadium coronavirus testing site, do not return for return-to-work clearance.
Coronavirus Update: Issues Reported At Hard Rock Stadium Testing SiteMore than 400 people were tested for COVID-19 Saturday at Hard Rock Stadium. But for some of those people, this is not their first time being tested. The wrong kind of test kits were used on some people in the first two days of testing.
Coronavirus Testing Site At Hard Rock Stadium Opens, CB Smith Park Now Requires Pre-RegistrationA drive-thru coronavirus testing site at Hard Rock Stadium opened Monday to those 65 and older showing symptoms.
Coronavirus Update: More Than 700 First Responders Get Tested At Hard Rock StadiumMore than 350 first responders drove through the brand new coronavirus testing site at Hard Rock Stadium Sunday, with only a handful of people turned away because they did not meet the criteria for testing.
Florida Opening Coronavirus Testing Facility At Hard Rock Stadium MondayA federally supported coronavirus testing facility is expected to open Monday in the parking lot of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, according to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
Super Bowl 54's Green Initiative Includes Zero Food Waste To Reduce HungerFood and the Super Bowl go hand in hand as game day gluttony is often the norm,  but now there’s a push to ensure left over food at official NFL tailgate events and even Hard Rock Stadium doesn’t go to waste and instead goes to feed the hungry and homeless in South Florida.
Super Bowl Turf At Hard Rock Stadium Is Gone Super FastSuper Bowl 54 has come and gone at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, and so has the specially installed Super Bowl turf.
Open Air Gondola Is Ready To Ride Outside Hard Rock StadiumSuper Bowl 54 fans will be flying high at Hard Rock Stadium Sunday thanks to the new gondola ride built outside of the stadium.
3D-Printed Model Of Hard Rock Stadium Helps Miami-Dade Police Prepare For Super Bowl 54Security surrounding Super Bowl 54 is extremely tight, but Miami-Dade Police have gone high-tech in their security training by using a highly detailed 3D-printed model of Hard Rock Stadium, created by FIU students.
'125 Chefs, Cast Of Thousands' Prepare To Offer Super Bowl 54 Attendees 'Taste Of South Florida'A cast of thousands will be working up to the last minute ahead of Super Bowl 54 to make sure those attending the big game, at Hard Rock Stadium, will be taking with them a taste of South Florida.
‘You Watch The Game And We Watch The Skies’: NORAD To Protect Skies Over Super Bowl 54On Super Bowl Sunday, the FAA is going to establish a temporary flight restriction or TFR over Hard Rock Stadium, where the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will be playing one of the most watched sports events of the year.
No Tailgating Allowed At Super Bowl 54 At Hard Rock Stadium In MiamiIf you are heading to Super Bowl 54 at Hard Rock Stadium, don’t plan on tailgating. It is not allowed.
Hard Rock Stadium Prepares To Welcome Super Bowl 54 Ticket HoldersThe countdown is on for Super Bowl 54 and at Hard Rock Stadium the National Football League has just a week and a half to make this place spectacular for the price of admission.
Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Aluminum Cups To Be Used At Super Bowl 54 At Hard Rock StadiumFootball fans enjoying Super Bowl 54 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami will be enjoying their ice cold Budweiser from recyclable aluminum cups in an effort to phase out single-use plastics this year.
Workers Put Finishing Touches On Hard Rock Stadium Ahead Of Super Bowl 54With less than two weeks away from Super Bowl 54, Hard Rock Stadium is getting all decked out.