Campaign 2021: Unincorporated Biscayne Gardens Residents To Vote On Becoming Miami-Dade's 35th City.In the upcoming election, Biscayne Gardens residents are being asked if they want to incorporate and become Miami-Dade's newest municipality.
The Return Of Art Basel Miami Beach Is Great News For Local ArtistsLocal Artists depend on Art Basel Miami to generate crowds of buyers who not only attend the main show but also visit local galleries and shows and afford local artists the ability to show and sell their works of art.
Expert: 'Expect Tight Labor Markets, Labor Shortages For Foreseeable Future'Employers from downtown Brickell to the Homestead vegetable fields are having difficulty finding workers.
Working From Home During Pandemic Led To More Drinking At HomeThere are plenty of perks for working from home. From more time with the family to ditching the daily commute and business attire, for some it's great.
Historic Shuttered Mai-Kai Restaurant To Reopen In South FloridaSeasoned Miami restaurant and entertainment operators are coming to the rescue of one of South Florida’s iconic restaurant and entertainment venues, the historic Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale.
South Florida Businesses Relying On Tourism Hope To Recover From Pandemic LowsWith Florida’s tourism high season rapidly approaching, tourism officials, hotel, motel, and restaurant owners are hoping for a solid comeback after almost two years of a COVID-impacted economy.
Clear Masks Make It Possible For Children To See A Teacher's Facial Expressions At Baptist Health System Learning CentersThe folks at Baptist Health say observing facial expressions is a key component to early childhood development and learning and that’s why teachers at all their centers are wearing clear masks.
'The Great Resignation': COVID Making America's Workforce Rethink Their JobsAmerica’s workforce is shrinking. The so-called “Great Resignation” has stunned businesses and employers. Miami-based author and motivational speaker Bruce Terkel has a new book that dives into why business owners are having trouble hiring workers, and why workers are quitting their jobs in record number.
Floridians Rack Up Credit Card Debt In Pandemic Spending SpreeForget sheltering in and laying low during the pandemic. Optimistic vaccinated Floridians are making up for lost time by racking up credit card debt.
Airlines Scramble As Travel Hesitancy Sets In Due To COVID Surge, Delta VariantOver the July 4th holiday, airports were packed and air travel seemed to be back. Then came the Delta variant.
'Nope, Not Going Back!' 7 Out Of 10 Working Remotely Say They'd Rather Quit Than Go Back To The OfficeThe coronavirus pandemic has made it possible for millions of employees to work remotely for the first time in their lives and now most are saying they don't want to go back to the old way of doing things.
Experts: Expect Christmas Shopping To Be Impacted As COVID Continues To Choke Product Supply ChainAs if you didn't already know, COVID has been choking the supply chain for some of your favorite products, and now it looks like Christmas shopping will be impacted.
Who Can Afford To Live In South Florida? Rent Is Through The Roof & Expected To Go HigherIf you are a renter living in South Florida, you don't need to be told just how unaffordable housing has become. The fact is that rents are sky-high and experts say they are going up even higher.
Latest Reforms To Open Up Cuban Economy Seen As Same Old Story On The Island, But Will Capitalism Stick This Time Around?Back in June of this year, Cuba approved a reform that includes long-sought legal status for private businesses, but skeptics say it is part of Cuba’s often-repeated story.
Miami-Based International Exporter Pivoted During Pandemic, Now Facing New HurdlesSouth Florida has a number of warehouse facilities that house thousands of businesses. From auto body repair work to custom furniture sales and micro-breweries, the variety would surprise you.