Move Over 'Robert Is Here' Fruit Stand, Rising Property Values Leading To Urbanization Of Farm LandSouth Florida’s iconic roadside fruit stand “Robert Is Here” has been operated by the Mohleling family since 1959. This ‘must-visit’ tourist attraction, where the milkshakes are a must, used to sit in the middle of South Miami-Dade’s vast farmlands. Not anymore.
2021: A Year To Remember - Local Stories That Made HeadlinesAs 2021 comes to a close there were several local stories that made headlines during the course of the year.
New Tenant Coming To Once Iconic Allen's Drugs BuildingThere’s a new tenant coming to the once iconic Allen’s Drugs building in South Florida.
2021 In Review: Year Two Of COVID In South Florida When it came to the Florida COVID story in 2021, it would be easy to say that COVID economics, politics, and policy discussions far outshined the ongoing medical struggle to save lives and prevent the spread of the disease. 
'We Went All In': Veteran-Owned Gables Law Firm Makes COVID ComebackA veteran-owned Coral Gables law firm built a practice based on government contracts, and then the bottom fell out due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Gilchrist Law Firm-Coral Gables struggled, but with some help they are doing well once again.
Miami-Dade County Residents Rediscover, Fall In Love With Parks, Open Spaces, During PandemicShut down during the early days of the 2020 Pandemic Miami-Dade Parks were the first in the nation to reopen their 270 parks which include traditional parks, boat ramps, golf courses, a shooting range and Zoo Miami and what happened? "People rediscovered parks, rediscovered what parks mean in their lives.”
Turkey's Floating Power Ships Rescue Cuba's Troubled Power GridCuba is attempting to solve a big problem with help from a Turkish Company. Sitting in the Havana Harbor is a “Power Barge” one of four in Cuba now providing a portion of Cuba’s Electrical power. Another one of the “Power Ships” is moored in the Port of Muriel.
South Florida Businesses, Real Estate Execs Thrilled About Lifting Of COVID Travel RestrictionsSouth Florida tourism officials, hotel operators, restaurant owners, and real estate executives are thrilled about the recent easing of COVID travel restrictions for Europeans and South Americans. Just ask Edgardo DeFortuna from Fortune International. 
Expert Expects 'Explosion Of Credit Card Debt' Ahead Of HolidaysThe plastic is out again. In Florida the average credit card balance is a little over 55-hundred dollars and there is a worry according to FIU’s Department of Finance Professor Deanne Butchey, “We are going to see an explosion of credit card debt.” And why? Many folks have benefitted from stimulus money, child care money and other government packages but those safety nets are ending or have ended.
Supply Chain Woes Cause Auto Parts Shortage, Wreaking Havoc On Auto IndustryThe supply chain slow down continues to impact everyday life and nowhere is it more evident than service stations that repair cars and trucks.
Built In 1936, Historic Walgreens In Downtown Miami To Undergo RenovationIt is an architectural  gem in the heart of downtown Miami on the national historical register and sitting right in the midst of the revamp of Miami’s downtown Flagler Street. You’d think the old building would be a candidate for demolition replaced by a sky scraper condo hotel but that is not the case.
Miami Company Solves Supply Chain Issue By Going Back ‘To Good Old Fashioned American-Made Manufacturing’Modloft's founder estimates about a quarter of their furniture needs are now being produced in the U.S.
As You Get Ready To Set Clocks Back An Hour, Florida Remains In The Dark About Seasonal Time ChangesNovember—Florida—the weather changes and the time changes….yes time…Florida goes back to Standard Time just like the old saying “Fall Back, Spring Ahead. In 2018 the Florida Sunshine Protection Act was passed in the state Legislature with overwhelming support for year-round daylight saving time. What happened? Answer: Congress has to ratify the states votes.
Survey: Medical Fraud Ranks Highest In MiamiBetween 2010 and through most of this year, Miami has seen 818 health care fraud penalties that included jail time. Los Angeles is a distant second with 246 and Chicago is third with 181.
Art Basel Returns With 254 Galleries From All Over The World, Art Said To Be Worth Over $2 billionArt Basel, the show of shows for international art galleries, high roller collectors, artists, and those that just love seeing great art is back and set to go.