Shortwave Radio Signal From Florida Cow Pasture Reaches Russia Carrying Latest NewsShortwave is old technology, but folks at WRMI will tell you there are plenty of shortwave radios in Russia and Eastern Europe.and most important “shortwave is known as crisis radio and in times of crisis people will look to their shortwave radio and start tuning around,” White says.  And what will they find? Unfettered news of the invasion, no censorship and they can hear the news in Russian, Ukrainian and even in English being beamed their way from that cow pasture in Okeechobee, Florida.
Oil Politics Could Really Hurt Democrats In MiamiBuying oil from Dictator Nicolas Maduro’s U.S. sanctioned communist/socialist government, a regime that supports communist Cuba with cheap oil, does not go down well in South Florida.
Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky Is No Winston Churchill, But He May Be The Right Man At The Right TimeUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has catapulted into hearts and minds with a simple quote, “The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride.”
Left Your Office Job? Tax Challenges Await Freelance, Gig WorkersThe world of work is in flux as workers are leaving jobs in droves. Many in the “Great Resignation Generation” are freelancing, taking gig jobs, no longer employed in a traditional manner and that brings new tax challenges. Yes, taxes.
Sanctions Strand Thousands Of Russian Tourists In The CaribbeanWorldwide sanctions that have crippled Russia’s air travel industry have also stranded thousands of Russian tourists in the Caribbean.
Black History Month: Jim Colzie Remembered For Being A WWII Veteran, Negro League Ball Player & 'Super Dad'As a little girl Mary Colzie remembers she could not figure out why her father was signing autographs at age 70 or 80 years old.  “I later found out that, hey, my dad was famous,” Colzie says with a proud smile. 
Overtown's Historic Lyric Theater Is Miami's Pioneer PlayhouseThe Lyric was a first for Miami’s very early cultural scene.
Segregation Walls Are A Sad Reminder Of South Florida's Jim Crow PastA wall that stretches along NW 12th Avenue and NW 63nd Street to NW 64th Street is a direct link to Miami’s Jim Crow segregation past.
Black History Month: Longest-Running Black Baseball Team Got Its Start In MiamiShow biz and sports have roots in South Florida, which can be traced to a Black baseball team.
U.S. Food Exports To Cuba Have Increased By 144 Percent In Last YearCuba imports roughly 80 percent of the food it needs for the island's 11 million people. A healthy portion of that food comes from the United States.
'The Great Resignation': A Look At Where Workers Are GoingIt's being called "The Great Resignation," but the ongoing question is where are the workers?
Cruise Advocates Not Happy With CDC's Color-Coded COVID Chart For ShipsTo take a cruise or not to take a cruise, plenty of people are booking trips while others are still undecided.
Florida Keys' Old Seven Mile Bridge Reopens To Walkers, Runners, BicyclistsA section of the historic Old Seven Mile Bridge, paralleling the Florida Keys Overseas Highway, reopened Wednesday in the Middle Keys so residents and visitors can once again use it for cycling, walking, running, rollerblading, and watching sunrises and sunsets.
Uncertain Times Driving Up Demand Of Trip And Health Travel InsuranceAmericans are on the move, traveling, despite the pandemic, by air and by cruise ship. Many of the trips are high-priced vacations.
Visiting The Caribbean From South Florida? Some Islands Require COVID Testing, Others Don'tTraveling to the Caribbean from Miami? Flights are full heading that way from Miami, but travelers need to be on the alert. Alexander BritellAlexander Britell, editor-in-chief/founder of Caribbean Journal tells CBSMiami,  “you are seeing more and more destinations are beginning to tighten up their entry protocols for travelers.”