Coconut Grove's A.C.'s Icees Serves Up Cool Comfort In Our Coronavirus TimesA lot of people over the last 40 years have liked A.C.’s Icees served up out of what Allan Cohen calls his “office.” But these days Cohen is serving up more than just cooling icees.
Violinist Thrills Doctors, Nurses On Front Lines At Plantation's Westside Regional Medical CenterViolinist Dave Damage played as he made his way down the hallways at Westside Regional Medical Center, thrilling all who listened.
Florida Pandemic Economy Has Some Looking At Bankruptcy As An OptionThe coronavirus pandemic has forced some major corporations to declare bankruptcy, yet many continue to operate.
Economic Impact From Coronavirus Pandemic Will Continue To Be Felt Into Next Budget YearMany businesses and government agencies are operating on this year’s budget and they have been able to retain employees. But come the next budget year, job cuts might be in order.
'A New Sense Of Discovery', More Miami-Dade Residents Enjoying Parks During PandemicJuly is National Parks Month and for a cooped-up coronavirus weary nation local parks have provided a welcome refuge.
'We Are Navigating In Strange Waters': Miami-Dade Property Appraiser 'Worried' About Upcoming Property TaxesBusiness owners and landlords, who are suffering through coronavirus shutdowns and loss of business, are about be financially hit once again with upcoming property taxes, which in many cases, are hefty.
Coronavirus Pandemic Taking A Toll On Miami's Art SceneThe coronavirus pandemic has certainly caused economic chaos. In addition to restaurants, bars, and retail stores, it's also taken a toll on Miami-Dade's art scene.
Miami-Dade’s Bed Tax Collection Takes Massive Hit As COVID-19 Hurts Hotel OccupancyTourism is the bedrock of the Miami-Dade economy. But the coronavirus pandemic has really hurt hotel occupancy and the bed tax that comes with it.
Florida Keys Ready To Go Back To Checkpoints To Flatten COVID-19 CurveThe Florida Keys have begun cracking down on coronavirus violators and are even considering putting up a checkpoint, to prevent visitors from coming into the island chain, to slow down the spread of COVID-19.
University Of Miami Front & Center In Efforts To Find Coronavirus VaccineIn the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Miami is front and center in efforts to find a vaccine for the virus.
South Florida Companies Conducting Research, Trials For Coronavirus VaccineResearch and trials looking for a vaccine to knock out the coronavirus are going on in South Florida.