Coronavirus Shopping Scramble Has Hurt South Florida FarmersIn the scramble to stock up for the long haul as the coronavirus spread, shoppers found shortages but not in the produce department.
Cuba’s Struggle To Contain Coronavirus A Cause For Concern In South FloridaCuba appears to be struggling to contain the coronavirus. That has people calling for a complete suspension of flights that are coming here from there.
‘Everything Kind Of Shut Down’: Miami’s Coronavirus Closures Similar To Spanish Flu Response In 1918Just over a hundred years ago, Miami faced a similar medical emergency like the coronavirus crisis it’s experiencing right now.
Coronavirus Really Hurting Close-Contact Business Like Barbershops & Nail SalonsWith social distancing being drilled into citizens during the coronavirus outbreak, small businesses that rely on close contact are trying to find ways to stay open.
Possible Spread Of Coronavirus During Spring Break Has Miami Beach Declare State Of EmergencyThe spring breakers are here and the party is on, but the threat of coronavirus looms – and that has Miami Beach leaders highly concerned.
‘A Lot Of Cancellations’: Coronavirus Outbreak Negatively Impacting Miami’s Tourism EconomyMiami’s tourism economy is starting to feel the negative effects of the coronavirus outbreak.
Coronavirus May Force Postponement, Cancellation Of Major South Florida EventsAs expected, the threat of coronavirus is turning out to be bad for business across South Florida.
Miami's Ultra Music Festival Expected To Be Postponed Due To Coronavirus ConcernsMiami’s Ultra Music Festival is in jeopardy of being postponed due to coronavirus concerns.
'We Need An Executive To Run The Country': Mike Bloomberg Stumps In Florida On Super TuesdayIt is a big day for the Democratic presidential candidates, when 14 states vote on Super Tuesday. While Florida is not a Super Tuesday state, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is spending Super Tuesday stumping across Miami and other parts of the Sunshine state.
Composer Meets With Holocaust Survivor In Miami To Keep Legacy Of Death Camp Music AliveDuring the Holocaust, many victims in the Nazi death camps spent some of their time composing music. There are thousands of pieces of music, and one maestro is bringing that art to life.
Centers For Disease Control Sounding Alarm On Coronavirus OutbreakThe Centers for Disease Control is sounding the alarm Tuesday night, warning Americans that the coronavirus is coming.