Coconut Grove Restaurants Take To The Streets To Increase On-Site DiningBefore the coronavirus pandemic, Coconut Grove was well-known for its outdoor and shaded dining locations.
South Florida Restaurants Adapt Or Die As Pandemic Plays OutKnocked out by the coronavirus pandemic, some popular restaurants have been forced to close their doors.
Uncertain Times Have Led To Gun Supply Ammo Shortage In Florida, NationwideIn these uncertain times, people are making sure they have the resources to protect themselves and their families if trouble comes their way.
Want To Really Work Remotely? Barbados Offers Program To Work From Their 'Tropical Paradise'Barbados officials would like you to come down and really work remotely. They would like for you to work from their tropical paradise and escape from the confines of “working from home."
Coronavirus Pandemic Could Shift Job Market To More Contract, Temp WorkBefore the coronavirus pandemic hit, Florida's unemployment rate hovered around three percent.
South Florida Divorce Lawyers Benefit From Coronavirus PandemicAs South Florida struggles with the daily grind that is the coronavirus pandemic there is an increase in the number of couples seeking a divorce.
Florida Keys Dive Boat Operators Chugging Right Along During Coronavirus PandemicDive boat operators in the Florida Keys have seen a slow return to normal since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
South Florida Artists Get Creative To Showcase Work After Shows Canceled Due To PandemicThe coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of major art shows, leaving artists nowhere to display their work.
Experts: Coronavirus Contributing To Increase In Substance AbuseThe coronavirus has not only taken a toll on the economy, it has also contributed to the increase of substance abuse throughout the Sunshine State.
South Florida Kids Learn To 'Buy Low Sell High' In Stock Market Investment ClubWhile some kids may have been playing video games or watching movies all day when everyone was asked to stay-at-home during the coronavirus pandemic, there were four kids, all under the age of 10, who learned to play the stock market.
All-Time High Boat Sales & All-Time Low Inventory Because 'Boating Is Social Distancing At Its Finest'If you are having a hard time finding a new or used boat these days, you aren't alone and you can blame it on the coronavirus pandemic.