Scott Orders Prison Reforms After Legislation StallsAfter lawmakers failed to agree on prison reforms this session, Gov. Rick Scott on Friday issued an executive order incorporating some of the provisions in House and Senate bills, including those involving use of force and chemical agents by guards.
Senate Panel Hears Of Alleged Corruption In Corrections Dept.
Prisons Chief To Seek Revamp Of Health Care Contracts
Campus Gun Bill Gets Approval In Senate CommitteePeople with concealed-firearms licenses could carry guns at state colleges and universities, under a proposal narrowly approved Monday by a Senate committee.
Senate Panel Approves "Common Sense" School Discipline Bill With the House already giving approval last month, a Senate committee Tuesday backed a proposal (SB 1060) aimed at preventing schoolchildren from being disciplined for simulating guns while playing or for wearing clothes that depict firearms.
Senate Puts Brakes On Red-Light Camera Repeal Red-light cameras won't be turned off in Florida this year.
Bill Gives Pedestrians, Bicyclists Special DesignationBicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, skateboarders and people driving horse-drawn carriages would be among those receiving a new designation while on the road, under a measure filed in the Florida Legislature.
Senate Rejects "Parent Trigger" Bill For Second YearA measure which would have given parents a voice in how to turn around a failing school has failed again in the Senate.
Texting While Driving Bill Closer To Law, New Strings AttachedA bill banning texting while driving was approved in its first committee Wednesday, but with exceptions.
Bill Would Allow Gun Owners To Openly Carry FirearmsA Florida senator has proposed loosening the state’s current gun law by allowing licensed gun owners to openly wear their handguns in public view.
Bill Proposes "Open Carry" Law In FloridaA Florida senator has proposed a loosening of the state’s gun laws in a bill which would allow licensed gun owners to openly wear their handguns in public view.