Fishermen Spot Great White Shark 3 Feet Away From ThemA day on the water turned into a once in a lifetime opportunity for a group of fishermen who spotted a Great White shark.
Great White Shark "George" Stalking Everglades Waters"George" the great white shark is hanging out on South Florida's western coast near the Everglades and Gulf of Mexico.
Savannah The Great White Shark Swimming Near HauloverMarine research organization tracks Savannah the great white shark right off Haulover Park.
Great White Sharks Tracked Off Florida's Coast A great white shark has been tracked off the coast off Florida and she's not alone.
Fishermen's Great White Catch Sparks State InvestigationAuthorities in California are investigating after video surfaced of fishermen reeling in what appears to be a juvenile great white shark on the Huntington Beach Pier.
Florida Teens Capture Great White EncounterA pair of Florida teens had a close encounter of the Great White kind.
Snorkelers Spot Great White Shark Off IslamoradaSwimmers enjoying the Florida Keys this weekend had to rush out of the water after a great white shark was spotted nearby.
Video: Snorkeling Boat Circled By Great White Shark Off Keys CoastSnorkelers got a great white surprise over the weekend as they were greeted by a large shark off the Florida Keys.
Florida Fisherman Capture Great White On CameraA group of fisherman had a close encounter of the Great White kind off the coast of Mayport, just east of Jacksonville.
"Mary Lee The Shark" Becomes A Twitter Sensation"Mary Lee the Shark" has become somewhat of a sensation on Twitter. The fake Twitter handle is that of a very real Great White shark that researchers have been tracking as she moves up and down the eastern seaboard.
New Device To Scare Off Sharks Now On Sale In Florida While the state of Florida is the well-known shark-bite capital of the world, it’s not necessarily the scariest place to be attacked by a shark.