Feds Say Florida Could Get $1B For Low Income PoolA top federal official told Florida it can likely expect $1 billion in the budget year, that begins July 1, for a key health-care program known as the Low Income Pool, according to a letter dated Thursday.
Scott Names Hospital Panel Without Hospital ExecutivesGov. Rick Scott on Monday appointed nine people --- none of them hospital executives, and only one of whom appears to have significant medical experience --- to a commission meant to examine the economics of health care and hospitals in Florida.
Scott Orders Prison Reforms After Legislation StallsAfter lawmakers failed to agree on prison reforms this session, Gov. Rick Scott on Friday issued an executive order incorporating some of the provisions in House and Senate bills, including those involving use of force and chemical agents by guards.
Gov. Rick Scott's Email Battle Rages OnThe battle over Gov. Rick Scott’s use of a personal email rages on – this time with a California judge chiming in.
Gov. Scott Says He Will Work On New Budget For StateGov. Rick Scott has promised to help work on a new state budget.
State Agencies Will Have To Fly American Flags Made In USAFlorida's state agencies, cities, towns and villages will soon have to go "American." Under a bill headed to Governor Rick Scott for signing, all Florida city, county and state government agencies must fly American flags that were made in the U.S.A.
Bill Passed To Let Dying Patients Try Experimental DrugsA bill that would allow terminally ill patients to try experimental drugs is headed to Florida Governor Rick Scott.
Florida Could Soon Limit Access To Police Camera VideosThe State of Florida may soon place limits on who is allowed to access video taken by body cameras worn by law enforcement officers.
Gov. Scott Says Lifting Embargo Would Hurt State FarmersGovernor Rick Scott is criticizing President Barack Obama's plans to lift part of a longstanding embargo against Cuba because he feels it will hurt the state' farmers.
President Designates Marjory Stoneman Douglas Home As Historic LandmarkDuring his visit to Everglades National Park Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced the Coconut Grove cottage of famed conservationist Marjory Stoneman Douglas would be designated as a national historic landmark.
Bill Will Allow Rural Mail Carriers Ride Without Seat BeltsLawmakers came together to pass a bill Wednesday that would allow rural letter carriers to ride without seat belts.
Florida Legislature Passes Bill To Outlaw Ticket QuotasThe Florida Legislature passed a bill Wednesday to outlaw traffic ticket quotas for law enforcement agencies.
Florida Sends Feds Hospital Funding ProposalA proposal based on the state Senate's plan to extending funding for hospitals that treat low-income patients has been submitted to the federal government.
Doctors, Nurses Deliver Flip-Flops To Governor ScottFlorida's doctors and nurses are weighing in on the fight over Medicaid expansion.
Gov. Scott Compares Obama Administration To SopranosGovernor Scott is comparing the Obama Administration to the Sopranos, accusing the president of not caring for low-income families, even as the governor refuses to expand Medicaid to more than 800,000 low-income families.