AAA: Florida Gas Prices Inch Up As Businesses ReopenFlorida gas prices are beginning to inch higher as Florida eases restrictions, causing a growing number of people to hit the road.
Coronavirus Keeps Gasoline Prices LowThe average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is below $2 throughout Florida, according to the AAA auto club.
Coronavirus Impact: Plunging Oil Prices Does Not Mean Gas Prices Will Plunge As WellThe price of crude oil has plummeted into negative territory, but don't expect gas prices at the pumps to get cheaper as a result.
Coronavirus Impact: Gas Prices Continue To Drop In FloridaFuel prices in Florida continue to drop, with regular unleaded gasoline now costing less than $2 a gallon at 90 percent of the pumps, according to the AAA auto club.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Drop Below $2 Per GallonFor the first time in four years, gas prices in Florida are now averaging less than two dollars per gallon. Demand for gasoline and other oil-based products has plummeted in recent weeks, as the coronavirus keeps people at home.
Coronavirus Contributing To Gas Prices Falling At The PumpCoronavirus is having a huge impact on the economy, but it’s also making it cheaper to fill up your tank.
AAA: 'Florida Drivers Could Easily Begin Seeing Sub-$2 Gasoline This Week'Prices at your local gas pump are down and could even sink to below $2 per gallon in some markets, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).
AAA: Florida Sees Drop In Gas Prices Ahead Of Thanksgiving HolidayIf you are the type of person who always checks gas prices as you drive by your favorite gas station, you may have noticed that gas prices have actually dropped ahead of the busy Thanksgiving travel holiday.
Prices At The Pumps Heading DownHave you filled up your gas tank recently? If so, you probably noticed that prices at the pumps are going down.
AAA: Gas Prices Should Start Slowly Coming Down Over The SummerThe busy summer travel season is here and many drivers are facing high prices at the gas pump.
Gas Prices Continue To Climb; $4 Gas Nearly A Reality For Many AmericansGasoline prices continue to climb around the country and commuters in South Florida are feeling the pinch.