AAA: Florida Gas Prices On 'Rollercoaster Ride' As State Average Reaches New High For 2021Florida gas prices are now holding steady after unexpectedly jumping 10 cents last week. The state average price of $3.10 per gallon is a new 2021 high, 7 cents more than the previous high, set back in early August.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Decline SlightlyFlorida gas prices drifted lower last week, declining 2 cents per gallon. The state average is now slightly below $3.00, for the first time this month.
AAA: Hurricane Ida Likely To Cause Higher Gas PricesFlorida drivers could soon feel the effects of Hurricane Ida, in the form of higher gas prices. While a gas price hike appears imminent, it's still unclear how much of a increase drivers will see.
AAA: Gas Prices Heading Down As Futures Plummetlorida gas prices are down 3 cents from a week ago and are about to slip even lower, unless futures prices can recover from sharp declines last week.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Inch Lower But Not By MuchFlorida gas prices inched one cent lower last week. The state average is now $3.01 per gallon. 
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Inch Lower After 6 Cent JumpFlorida gas prices are inching lower after setting a new 2021 high last week.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Hold Steady Following Expensive Month At The PumpsFlorida gas prices have seen little change during the past week following July which was the most expensive month at the pump in seven years.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Drop SlightlyPrices at the pumps are going down, ever so slightly. According to AAA, Florida gas prices have gradually declined, falling a total of 4 cents during the past two weeks. 
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Weaken As Crude Prices TumbleThe state's average for gas prices has fallen back below $3 a gallon for the first time this month.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Hover Slightly Over $3 A GallonFlorida gas prices held steady during the past week. Florida drivers are paying an average price of $3.01 per gallon.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Top $3 Per Gallon, Highest Since 2014Florida gas prices set a new 2021 high on Tuesday. The state average is now $3.01 per gallon, the most expensive daily average price since October 2014.