AAA: Florida Gas Prices Dipped In The Last WeekPrices at the gas pumps drifted a bit downward in the last week.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Jump To Most Expensive Since 2014Have you filled up lately? Prices at the gas pumps are on the rise. According to AAA, Florida gas prices jumped 12 cents last week and drivers are now paying the most expensive prices since November 2014.
AAA: Florida Drivers May See Higher Gas Prices This WeekFlorida drivers may be seeing higher prices at the gas pumps this week. 
AAA: Florida Memorial Day Gas Prices Were Most Expensive Since 2018 HolidayFlorida gas prices averaged $2.86 per gallon on Memorial Day. The state average was higher than the previous two Memorial Day weekends, yet 5 cents less than what Florida drivers paid during the 2018 holiday.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Declining As 2 Million Floridians Prepare For Memorial Day Road TripsFlorida gas prices are declining as more than 2 million Floridians prepare to travel for Memorial Day. AAA recently forecast out of those 2 million Florida travelers, the majority of them will take a road trip of 50 miles or more.
Florida Gas Prices Hold Relatively Steady As Stations Recover From Fuel Demand DelugeFlorida gas prices have held relatively steady even after last week's Colonial Pipeline outage led to a deluge of demand for gasoline.
AAA: Colonial Pipeline Outage Threatens Gas Prices; Supplies In Some StatesFlorida gas prices have increased 10 cents in the last week, in response to crude oil and gasoline futures price gains. The state average is now $2.88 per gallon; 3 cents less than the highest price so far this year. 
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Slip To 7-Week LowFlorida gas prices declined again last week, reaching the lowest daily average price since March 8, 2021.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Dip Slightly, But Not MuchFlorida gas prices are slightly lower than a week ago.  The state average price for gasoline is $2.83 per gallon. That's one cent less than this time last week.
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Level Off After 3-Week DeclineFlorida gas prices are averaging 1-cent less than this time a week ago. The state average is now $2.84 per gallon. 
AAA: Florida Gas Prices Drift Lower; Down 6 Cents In Two WeeksFlorida gas prices continue to drop a little. The state average declined 3 cents last week, for a total discount of 6 cents in the past two weeks.