French Hostage Taker Killed By Police In Supermarket RaidTwo people were killed and about a dozen wounded in a shooting and hostage-taking in a supermarket in southern France.
Why The French Went Nuts For NutellaThe grocery chain Intermarché slashed its price on tubs of Nutella by 70%. Word got around. People got crazy.
Trump On Macron: 'People Don't Realize He Loves Holding My Hand'For a few moments, it almost seemed as if they wouldn't let go.
Trump Defends Son's 'Opposition Research' Meeting With Russian LawyerPresident Donald Trump is standing by his son as Donald Trump, Jr. faces questions of colluding with the Russians during the U.S. presidential election.
Macron Beats Le Pen, But Can He Lead France?The second round of the French presidential elections ended with a victory for Emmanuel Macron. But what does it mean for France?
At 39, Macron Becomes France's Youngest PresidentIn the second round of the French presidential election, extremism lost but it is less clear what won.
Macron, Le Pen Battle For France's Heart & Soul In Election RunoffThe day after her second-place finish in the first round of the French presidential elections in April, Marine Le Pen thundered against her opponent, Emmanuel Macron, declaring, “Nothing in Monsieur Macron’s plan, nor anything in his behavior indicates the least evidence of love for France.”
France's Macron Going Into Sunday's Election With 20-Point LeadFrench voters will go to the polls Sunday in a presidential election that could have considerable consequences for Europe.
French Presidential Election Down To Two Very Different CandidatesFrance is one step closer to a new President after the first round of votes on Sunday.
High Court Overturns French Burkini Ban Used By Muslim WomenHuman rights group Amnesty International is praising a French court decision against bans of burkini swimsuits, calling such decrees invasive and discriminatory.
Father, Son From U.S. Among France Truck Attack VictimsA U.S. father and his son are among the victims of the deadly truck attack in Nice on Bastille Day, relatives said.