Citizens Police Review Board: FLPD Should Reopen Investigation Into Racist CopsA Citizens Police Review Board is recommending that the Fort Lauderdale Police Department reopen its investigation into the case involving officers who made and shared a racist video and racist text messages.
FBI To Review Racist Cops' HistoryThe Civil Rights Division of the United States Justice Department has contacted the City of Fort Lauderdale, requesting a meeting next week to discuss the racist behavior of four officers now at the center of national scandal
New Details Emerge In Police Slapping IncidentA newly released Fort Lauderdale Police report tells the story of a confrontation between a veteran police officer and a homeless man at a city bus terminal last month that ended in the homeless man being slapped in the face.
Fort Lauderdale Police Confirm Body Found In Car Was Missing TeacherThe Fort Lauderdale Police Department has confirmed on Sunday that they have found the body of a South Florida woman who had been missing for more than a month.
Well-Known Jeweler Mark Levinson Dead Of Self-Inflicted Gunshot WoundMark Levinson, of Levinson Jewelers, was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound Tuesday.
Video Surfaces Of Ft. Lauderdale Officer Slapping Homeless ManA Fort Lauderdale police officer has been put on paid leave after a YouTube video surfaced of him slapping a homeless man.
Friends Visit Psychics To Find Missing WomanFort Lauderdale Police are revealing new information about the night Lisa Hayden, who went by the name Noodles, went missing. And now her friends are tapping into the supernatural in hopes of locating her.
Ft. Lauderdale Police Looking For Missing Music TeacherA 51-year-old Ft. Lauderdale musician and piano teacher has gone missing and police are working to find out what happened to her.
Teen, Officer Honored For Saving Officer's LifeThe city of Fort Lauderdale honored a teenager and three Fort Lauderdale Police Officers for helping to save the life of an officer who suffered a heart attack.
Sailboat Hits Power Line, Shuts Down RiverPolice were shocked to find a power line toppled over by a sailboat traveling down New River.
Ft. Lauderdale Officers Give Gifts Not Tickets During ‘Operation Santa Stop’Some drivers in Fort Lauderdale thought they were going to get a ticket, but instead they saw their Christmas dreams come true.
Police: Cab Driver Arrested For Raping ClientA Fort Lauderdale Yellow Cab driver stood in front of a judge Wednesday for allegedly kidnapping and raping his client.
Fort Lauderdale Homeless Feeding Controversy ContinuesArnold Abbott showed up at his weekly homeless feeding on Fort Lauderdale expecting his fourth citation for feeding the homeless since the controversy began. That didn't happen. There was no confrontation with police and Abbot left without a citation.
Feeding The Homeless Controversy Remains HeatedThe fight over feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale in public continued Friday as activists from the group Food Not Bombs gathered for its weekly feeding in Stranahan Park.
Police Want To Identify Men Seen Taking Light Fixtures Surveillance cameras captured two men taking light fixtures from the parking lot of the New Shooters Waterfront restaurant in August.