Experts Warn Of Possible ‘Twindemic’ This WinterThe CDC recommends everyone ages 6 months and older receive the flu vaccine, with rare exception.
Patients Can Have COVID-19 And The Flu SimultaneouslyDr. Adrian Burrowes has seen hundreds of COVID-19 patients, but he is especially worried about what will happen this flu season, even more so than last year.
Where’s The Flu? Health Experts Say COVID Protocols Have Tremendously Limited Its SpreadWith so much focus on COVID, you may notice there's been hardly any talk about people getting the flu.
Florida House Health Care Panel Approves Proposal That Would Allow Pharmacists To Vaccinate KidsA House health care panel Tuesday approved a proposal that would allow pharmacists to vaccinate children, but only after lawmakers agreed to limit the types of vaccines that could be administered.
Extremely Low Flu Activity After Fears Of Twindemic This WinterWhile cases of COVID-19 are skyrocketing around the country, activity is extremely low for the virus we usually see in the winter months: the flu.
New Research Shows How Important Flu Vaccine Is At Preventing Severe Illness In ChildrenNew research shows how important the flu vaccine is at preventing severe illness in children. One mother says she made a mistake one year not making the shot a priority.
Coronavirus Vs. Flu: A Look At The Differences And Similarities Between The DiseasesAs anxiety about the coronavirus grows, many more people across the country are fighting the flu. Medical experts are breaking down the difference between the two viruses and why we should keep a much closer eye on the coronavirus.
Coronavirus Vs. Influenza: The Similarities And The DifferencesCoronavirus vs. the flu.  What’s the deal?  The flu has killed far more people than coronavirus. So why the big fear factor?
Flu A Bigger Worry In Florida Than CoronavirusThe flu remains a far deadlier illness to worry about in Florida than the coronavirus, state lawmakers were told on Tuesday.
Critical Shortage Of O Negative Blood Due To High-Activity Flu SeasonBlood centers around the country announced the high flu activity is impacting the blood supply.
CDC: Flu Deaths Rise To 2,100 Nationwide In 2019Flu-like illnesses are on the rise and have been elevated for seven weeks across all regions of the country, according to CDC's latest FluView report.