Florida Gas Prices Sink To Lowest In Nearly A MonthFlorida drivers are getting a pre-Halloween treat as the price of gas continues to fall. Currently, prices at the pumps have sunk to their lowest level in nearly a month.  
Florida Gas Prices On A 15-Day Streak Of Declines, Says AAAHave you filled up your gas tank lately? You may have noticed Florida gas prices are dropping again and Sunday marked the 15th consecutive day of a price decline, according to AAA.
2020 Voters GuideCBSMiami's 2020 digital election guide with resources to help you navigate early voting, vote-by-mail and more.
Almost Time To Get Crackin' As Stone Crab Season Begins ThursdaySeafood lovers rejoice! Thursday, October 15 is the official start of Stone Crab season but there are some new regulations being put into place.
‘I’ll Kiss Everyone In That Audience’: President Trump Holds Florida Rally After Testing Negative For COVIDPresident Donald Trump was back on the campaign trail after battling coronavirus. His first stop: battleground Florida.
Possible Election Decision Delay Puts New Focus On Florida Congressional RacesConcern that there may not be a decision election night is putting a new focus on congressional elections in Florida and elsewhere.
Florida Election Officials Say Focus Is 'Getting This Right'With an unprecedented number of voters opting to cast vote-by-mail ballots in Florida and throughout the nation, elections officials are urging patience in what some experts say should be viewed as “election season” rather than Election Day.
Helix Lab Company Cleared In Florida COVID-19 Data ProblemThe Florida Department of Health said Monday that a private lab was not at fault for a problem Saturday that delayed the release of statistics about the COVID-19 pandemic.
Florida Appeals Court Eyes Armed School 'Guardians'A controversial state program that allows school “guardians” to carry guns on campus came under scrutiny Tuesday, as an appeals court heard arguments in a legal challenge to Duval County’s “school safety assistants.”
State Approved For Fourth Week Of $300 "Lost Wages" Benefit To Unemployed FloridiansThe Federal Lost Wages Assistance Program will be providing financial help to unemployed Floridians for a fourth week. 
Florida's First Ballots Submitted In General ElectionThere are 49 days left until the November 3 general election and the first votes from Floridians are in.
Are You Eligible? You Could Receive An Extra $300 In 'Lost Wages' BenefitEarlier this week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced anyone who is eligible will automatically receive their three weeks of benefits, at $300 each.
Florida To Begin Paying Extra $300 "Lost Wages" Benefit To Unemployed FloridiansEligible unemployed Floridians are about to get a little relief under the Federal Lost Wages Assistance Program.  Earlier this week, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced anyone who is eligible will automatically receive their three weeks of benefits, at $300 each.
Report: Florida Health System Among Worst In The NationWe’re No. 41.  A new Commonwealth Fund analysis ranks Florida’s health system among the worst in the nation, finding, among other things, that the state spends $19 a person on public health, or about 51 percent of the national average, and has more children without a “medical home”  than any other state.
Florida Bright Futures Test Deadline ExtendedFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis has extended the deadline for recent high-school graduates to meet SAT or ACT test-score requirements to qualify for Bright Futures scholarships until December 1, 2020. qualify for Bright Futures scholarships.