Florida Senate Passes Measure That Would Ease Post Storm Power OutagesThe state's Senate overwhelmingly passed a measure that could lead to more underground power lines which would reduce outages after a storm.
'Sanctuary City' Measure Ready For Florida Senate VoteThe Senate is ready to vote on a controversial sanctuary-city measure after making changes that included giving the governor authority to remove any official who fails to comply with federal immigration law.
Florida House Passes Measure Allowing Guns In Religious InstitutionsThe Florida House on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a bill that could lead to more people with concealed-weapons licenses carrying guns on the grounds of churches or other religious institutions.
Red Tide Research Bill Passes Unanimously Through Florida SenateAlgae blooms have become a major problem along Florida’s coastlines.
Florida Senate Signs Off On Expansion Of School ChoiceFlorida senators on Thursday passed legislation that would allow more students to use taxpayer-funded scholarships to pay for private-school tuition, a major step toward expanding school choice in the state.
Florida Senate Passes Bill To Create New School Voucher ProgramA new school voucher program is closer to being a reality after the Florida Senate passed a bill for the program on Thursday.
Florida Senate Signs Off On Bill Creating Three New Toll HighwaysIn a top priority of President Bill Galvano, the Florida Senate on Wednesday approved a bill that would help set the stage for three major toll-road projects.
Florida Lawmaker Fighting To Make Texting While Driving A Primary OffenseWe’ve all seen it, people texting while they’re being the wheel. 
Florida House Sends Firefighter Cancer Aid Bill To Governor Ron DeSantis' DeskSome first responders who put their life on the line in Florida are getting closer to a huge medical benefit.
Toll Road Plans Roll Forward In Florida SenateThe Florida Senate is poised Wednesday to approve plans for three toll-road projects that environmental groups decry as inviting sprawling development into rural parts of the state.
Florida Senate Poised To Approve Major Insurance BillThe Senate as early as Wednesday could give final approval to a plan that would overhaul the controversial insurance practice known as assignment of benefits.
Firefighter Cancer Benefit Proposal Backed In Florida House, Senate Version To Be Considered Next WeekThe Florida House began moving forward with a proposal that would make firefighters diagnosed with certain types of cancer eligible to receive disability or death benefits.
Bill Would Lead Miami-Dade To Pay $1.45 Million To Family Of Bicylist Killed By BusThe Florida Senate on Wednesday gave final approval to a bill that would lead to Miami-Dade County paying $1.45 million to the estate of a bicyclist who died in 2014 after being struck by a bus.
‘Hands Free’ Plan Gets Florida Senate SupportMotorists could only use hands-free wireless devices while moving on Florida roads, under a Senate proposal approved Wednesday.
‘Sanctuary Cities’ Measure Headed To Florida Senate FloorA controversial proposal aimed at preventing “sanctuary cities” was narrowly sent to the full Senate on Wednesday.