Florida Senate Passes Scaled-Back Emergency FundThe Florida Senate on Wednesday cut in half the amount of money it would put into a new emergency fund that critics called a “blank check” for Gov. Ron DeSantis
Florida Senate Poised To Pass Redistricting PlansThe Florida Senate is set to vote Thursday on new congressional districts that, at least for now, don’t follow lines proposed by Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration.
Florida Could Shield Whites From 'Discomfort' Of Racist PastThe state's Senate Education Committee approved a bill on Tuesday that takes aim at critical race theory, though it doesn't mention it explicitly, on party lines.
Florida Lawmakers Tie National Anthem to Sports MoneyFlorida lawmakers moved forward Tuesday with a plan that would connect playing the national anthem at sports events to state and local dollars.
Florida Senate Proposal Targets Public Employee UnionsA Senate Republican filed a proposal Tuesday that would make changes targeting public-employee unions, including preventing workers from having union dues deducted from their paychecks.
Florida Senate Will Be Open To Public Despite Surge In COVID NumbersWith committee meetings starting this month in advance of the 2022 legislative session, the Florida Senate is not planning to limit public access as the state continues battling the COVID-19 pandemic.
Guns At Church Bill Teed UpGov. Ron DeSantis on Monday formally received a bill that would let people with concealed-weapons licenses carry guns at churches or other religious institutions that share properties with schools.
Florida Lawmakers Give Boost To Guns At ChurchA proposal that would let people with concealed weapons licenses pack heat at churches or other religious institutions that share properties with schools is heading to Gov. Ron DeSantis.
Controversial Vote-By-Mail Changes Approved By Florida SenateWith Democrats likening the measure to Jim Crow-era practices aimed at keeping Black people from voting, the state Senate on Monday passed an elections package that would make it harder for Floridians to cast ballots by mail.
Social Media Crackdown Clears Florida SenateIn one of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ top priorities of the legislative session, the Florida Senate on Monday passed a measure to crackdown on social media companies that remove users from their platforms.
Sen. Lauren Book To Lead Florida Senate DemocratsWith Sen. Perry Thurston, D-Fort Lauderdale, planning to run in a special election for Congress, Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, was chosen Wednesday to serve as the next leader of Florida Senate Democrats.