Florida Primary Is Tuesday But You Can Still Turn In Your Vote-By-Mail BallotIf you haven’t voted early or voted by mail, then you must go to the polls Tuesday, August 18 to cast your ballot for the Florida primary election. However, there is still time to turn in your Vote-By-Mail ballot.
Campaign 2020: The Heated Race For Miami-Dade State AttorneyThere's nothing like running against your former boss in a high profile election.
Election Machines Tested In Miami-Dade, BrowardWith close to 370-thousand "Vote by Mail" ballot requests, Broward County election workers are gearing up for the August 18th Florida Primary Election.
More Than 700,000 Vote-By-Mail Ballots Already Cast In Florida As President Trump's Crusade Against Mail In Ballots Hurts GOPFlorida's primary election is August 18 and the popularity of vote-by-mail has increased significantly during the coronavirus pandemic.
Bernie Sanders To 'Assess Campaign' After Florida LossAs former Vice President Joe Biden has continued to widen his delegate lead with a sweep of three delegate-rich states that held primaries Tuesday, Senator Bernie Sanders plans to speak with supporters in the coming weeks to "assess his campaign," his campaign manager said Wednesday.
Results Of 4 South Florida Mayoral ElectionsWhile all the headlines are about Joe Biden winning the Florida primary, we haven’t forgotten about the four mayoral elections on the ballot Tuesday.
Former Vice President Joe Biden Wins Florida PrimaryFormer Vice President Joe Biden won the Florida and Illinois primaries on Tuesday.
Coronavirus & The Primary Election: Polling Sites Moving In Broward & Miami-Dade To Protect Senior CitizensTuesday March 17 is the Presidential Primary in Florida and state elections officials say it is proceeding as scheduled with just a few precinct location changes.
Facing South Florida: Super Tuesday FalloutPolitico’s Marc Caputo, who has been covering Joe Biden, discusses the fallout from Super Tuesday.
Dems 'Not Feeling The Bern' File Suit To Keep Bernie Sanders Off Florida BallotA lawsuit filed in Florida by two Democrats seeks to disqualify Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders from participating in Florida's primary on March 17.
Broward Election Officials Test Electronic Voting Equipment Ahead Of March PrimaryWith the mail-in ballots already sent out, South Florida election workers are now gearing up for the March 17 primary.