Florida's Battle Over Health Care Likely To Return In 2016 The budget battle between Republicans in the Florida Legislature will likely continue in 2016, despite a temporary truce.
Judge Denies Scott's Request For Mediation With FedsA federal judge denied Florida Governor Rick Scott's request for mediation with Obama administration officials over hospital funding.
Feds: No Need For Mediation In Scott's Medicaid Lawsuit In the battle over federal hospital funds, the Obama administration says no mediation is needed despite Florida Governor Rick Scott's request for it.
No Agreement Between Florida Gov., Feds On MedicaidAmid the battle to pass a new budget, Florida Governor Rick Scott said no agreement has been reached with the Obama administration on health care financing issues.
Judge Hammers Florida Medicaid On Care For KidsAfter a long legal battle, a federal judge found various problems in Florida's Medicaid program and how it provided health care to kids in the state.
Florida's Medicaid Website Down For RepairsFlorida families looking to see if they are eligible for Medicaid will have to put their plans on hold. The website that determines eligibility will be down for repairs starting Friday.
State Wants To Make Case Again On Children's Health CarePointing to a new managed-care system and changes stemming from the Affordable Care Act, attorneys for the state are asking a federal judge to dig back into whether Florida properly provides care to children in the Medicaid program.
Feds Grant Florida 3-Year Medicaid Renewal Florida's Medicaid managed care program has been renewed for three more years.
Florida Medicaid Privatization Underway Statewide In a move to privatize the Medicaid program, at least three million recipients are transitioning to managed care.
Florida Medicaid Expansion Losing SteamAs many other Republican-led states grudgingly begin to implement forms of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, the prospects for expansion in Florida is looking increasingly grim.
Health Care Decision Has Far-Reaching Impact For Fla.The state of Florida was turned away by the United States Supreme Court almost completely Thursday morning in the state’s challenge to the Affordable Care Act.