Florida Man Pleads Guilty To Sawing Off Nose Of Rare FishA Florida man has pleaded guilty to killing an endangered fish unique to state waters whose extended nose is lined with teeth that resemble a saw.
Sheriff's Office: Deputy Fatally Shot Florida Man Who Charged At Him With SwordAuthorities say a sword-wielding Florida Man was fatally shot after he charged a deputy while yelling "Shoot me!"
Democrats: Trump Relocation Highlights Florida's 2020 SignificanceFlorida Democrats are crediting the Sunshine State’s significance in next year’s election for President Donald Trump’s decision to declare himself a full-time Florida man.
Florida Man Accused Of Impersonating A Police Officer, Again A Central Florida man has been arrested a second time in as many months for reportedly impersonating a police officer.
Florida Woman Set On Fire At Taco Bell RestaurantA woman suffered serious injuries after she was set on fire inside a fast-food restaurant.
Naked Florida Man Accused Of Killing Suspected 'Peeping Tom' A man accused of being angry, and naked, when he beat a 'peeping Tom' to death has been charged with manslaughter.
Man Shot, Driver Carjacked At Florida McDonald'sA man has been detained in Pasco County after he reportedly shot at a man in a McDonald's parking lot and then stole a car from a drive-through customer who tried to help the injured man.
Florida Man Accused Of Having Sex With Girl He Met On SnapchatA 22-year-old central Florida man is accused of having sex with a 10-year-old girl he met on Snapchat.
Deputies Ask Florida Man To Quit Calling About His Stolen MarijuanaA Florida man was told by deputies to stop calling 911 to report that his roommate had stolen his marijuana.
Florida Man Pays Off Lunch Debt For Nine SchoolsA real estate agent took it upon himself to buy off all the outstanding school lunch debt in Jupiter.
Florida Lawmaker Wants Judge Disciplined For Jailing 21-Year-Old Who Overslept Jury DutyA Florida lawmaker is being joined by other local and community leaders to call for disciplinary action against the judge who jailed a 21-year-old man for oversleeping and missing jury duty.