Florida Man Poses As FBI Agent, Dumps Live Catfish On Homeowner's DrivewayThere was something fishy about a Florida man, caught trying to impersonate an FBI agent and leaving live catfish on a homeowner's lawn.
Florida Judge Rules Ex-Prosecutor Insane In Mom's KillingA judge has ruled a former Florida prosecutor with schizophrenia is not guilty by reason of insanity in the slaying of his mother and beating of his father.
Unpaid Fines Over Tall Grass Leads Florida City To Foreclose On Man’s HomeIt’s hard to believe that letting your grass grow too long could lead to thousands of dollars of fines.
Florida Man Kills Wife Because She Was Speaking Disrespectfully Police in Florida say a man told them he fatally shot his wife because she was talking to him disrespectfully.
Florida Man Shooed Raccoon Off Boat, FWC InvestigatingA Florida attorney could be facing charges after posting a video on social media showing him kill an animal.
Florida Man Speeds Down Highway While Standing Out Of Sunroof, Says He'd Rather Go To Jail Than Home To His WifeA Florida man decided he wanted to drive his car on a busy expressway while standing through his sunroof.
Florida Man Sentenced To Life For Murder He Blamed On SleepwalkingA Florida man, who claimed to be sleepwalking when he stabbed his roommate to death a little over two years ago, will be spending the rest of his life behind bars.
Florida Man Ditches Stolen Car For Motorcycle During High Speed Chase That Covered Three CountiesA Florida man used two separate vehicles while taking police on a high speed chase on Wednesday.
Man Shot Inside Publix Store Was Actually Shot By Wife's Gun As Purse Fell Off CounterMore is known about what really happened over the weekend inside a Pasco County Publix where a man was shot at the checkout counter.
Florida Man Arrested After Refusing To Remove Obscene Sticker From Truck WindowAuthorities say a Florida man was jailed after refusing to remove an obscene sticker from his truck's window.
'F*** It, I'm Drunk, Take Me To Jail': Florida Man Crashes Lawn Mower Into Police CarPolice officers have to worry about people driving under the influence or boating under the influence, but now, they'll have to look out for those lawn mowing under the influence.