Florida Man Looking For Shark Teeth In River Gets Head Bitten By AlligatorA Florida man is recovering after being bitten in the back of the head by an alligator while looking for prehistoric shark teeth in a river.
Police: Belle Glade Sugar Worker, 86, Fatally Shoots Boss After FiringAn 86-year-old sugar mill worker with 31 years on the job fatally shot his boss after he was refused another year at the mill, authorities said Saturday.
SEE IT: Florida Man Throws Baby At Deputy Following Wild High-Speed ChaseDramatic new video has been released of a Florida man who led police on a wild high-speed chase in Indian River County right before he threw his infant baby at a deputy.
Florida Man's Miraculous Recovery After Being Pinned Underwater By Heavy MowerA Florida man has an incredible story of survival to tell after being pinned underwater by a heavy lawnmower and making a miraculous recovery thanks to the combined efforts of law enforcement and bystanders.
Florida Man's 'Stand Your Ground' Defense Rejected In 'Painful and Terrifying' Iguana KillingMotion denied. That’s the ruling from a Palm Beach County judge in the case of a Florida man who used the “stand your ground” defense to try and get an animal cruelty charge dropped after prosecutors say he brutally beat an iguana to death.
Florida Teen Accused Of Stabbing Girl 114 Times Facing First-Degree Murder ChargeA 14-year-old Florida teen is being charged as an adult with first-degree murder in the brutal stabbing of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey, prosecutors said.
Florida Man Dies After Being Struck By SUV Driven By His Son, 34, Who Was Learning To DriveA man who was critically injured while teaching his 34-year-old son to drive died a day after being struck by the vehicle his son had been driving, the Florida Highway Patrol said.
SEE IT: 11-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Knife-Wielding Florida Man During Attempted KidnappingA Florida man is under arrest in the Panhandle charged with attempting to kidnap an 11-year-old girl and the entire incident was caught on video.
Florida Man Captures Astonishing Photos Of Pregnant Bull Shark During Face-To-Face EncounterFlorida man Captain John Moore is no stranger to sharks. He is a boat captain for a shark diving company in Riviera Beach, but his recent close encounter with a pregnant and very large bull shark and the amazing photographs he took are going viral.
Half Naked Florida Man Found Sleeping Behind School DumpsterAn Islamorada man was arrested late Thursday night after he was found naked from the waist down near a dumpster behind Plantation Key School.
Florida Man Accused Of Attacking Parents, Sibling With Samurai SwordA Florida man stabbed his parents and sister with a samurai sword early Wednesday morning, police said.