Florida House Set To Vote On Measure That Would Eliminate School Board SalariesA state bill that would eliminate salaries for school board members and increase scrutiny of the way public-school instructional materials and library books are chosen is now primed for consideration by the full House.
Florida Bill On Critical Race Theory Instruction Gets House SupportA proposal aimed at limiting how various race-related concepts are discussed in classrooms and workplace training sessions received initial backing Wednesday in the House.
Texas-Style Abortion Bill Filed In FloridaRepublican State Rep. Webster Barnaby filed a proposal Wednesday that aims to follow Texas’ lead in blocking physicians from performing abortions if there is a “detectable fetal heartbeat.”
COVID Vaccine ‘Passport’ Ban Clears HouseWith a key lawmaker saying he recognizes that vaccine hesitancy is “real and understandable,” the Florida House on Wednesday approved a measure that would limit local emergency orders and make permanent Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order barring COVID-19 vaccine “passports.”
Florida House Approves Bill On Excessive Force By Law EnforcementThe Florida House has unanimously approved a bill that would require a law enforcement officer to intervene if another officer was using excessive force.
Florida House Backs Ban On 'Disability' AbortionsAfter an often emotional debate, the Florida House on Friday overwhelmingly passed a bill that would prevent doctors from performing abortions that women seek because of tests showing that fetuses will have disabilities.
Florida House Unanimously Approves School Safety BillThe Florida House has unanimously passed a new school safety bill that aims to build on a law that addressed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.
Florida House Overwhelmingly Approves Consumer Privacy BillThe Florida House resoundingly approved a consumer privacy bill on Wednesday, giving the public an opportunity to regain ownership of the personal data collected by companies and the right to sue companies for mishandling information in a marketplace where consumers themselves have become lucrative commodities.
Florida COVID 'Passport' Ban Added To Emergency BillA House committee Monday approved a proposal that would limit local emergency orders and make permanent Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order barring COVID-19 “passports” that would show people have been vaccinated.
Vaping Regulation Bill Headed To Florida House FloorDespite opposition from prominent health groups, a House committee on Monday approved a bill that would regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes and raise the state’s legal age to use tobacco and vaping products.
Online Tax Plan Easily Clears Florida HouseA plan to use taxes on sales by out-of-state online retailers to help Florida businesses is heading back to the Senate for a final vote after passing in the House on Thursday.
Florida House, Senate Spending Plans Point To 'Lean Year' For Higher EDHouse and Senate budget leaders are eyeing cuts to higher education spending, but early recommendations would go about it in different ways.
Florida House Votes To Crack Down On Violent Protests, Bill Moves To SenateAn anti-riot bill passed by the Florida House on Friday would create increased penalties and new crimes for people who participate in violent protests, though opponents say it will have a chilling effect on the freedom of speech.
Florida House Passes Bills Aimed At COVID-19 Lawsuits, ScamsThe Florida House on Friday passed two COVID-19 bills that Republican leaders made a priority for the 2021 legislative session, as they seek to protect businesses from lawsuits and crackdown on vaccination scams.
Florida House Set To Target Social Media CompaniesIn a politically charged issue that has become a rallying cry for Gov. Ron DeSantis and many other Republicans, a House committee Tuesday will take up a proposal that targets large social-media companies that block users from their platforms.