US Senator Marco Rubio Urges Conservation Officials To Ensure Key Deer Populations Remain ProtectedOn Thursday, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent a letter to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), urging the agency to ensure that Florida Key deer populations remain protected.
Florida Wildlife Agency Clarifies Message To Kill Invasive IguanasFlorida wildlife officials are clarifying instructions to the public about killing non-native iguanas.
Endangered Florida Panther Dies After Being Hit By CarAn endangered Florida panther has died after being struck by a vehicle.
Woman Arrested For Stomping On Miami Beach Sea Turtle Nest Is Back In JailA woman who was charged with stomping on a sea turtle next was arrested again.
Florida Tourist Facing Felony Charges For Stomping On Protected Turtle Nest In Miami BeachA woman spent the night in the Miami-Dade County Jail after being arrested for disturbing a sea turtle nest.
Florida Swimmers Evacuated After Alligator Was Spotted Just Off Jacksonville BeachFlorida beachgoers received quite a shock when something unexpected showed up in the water.
Florida Man Shooed Raccoon Off Boat, FWC InvestigatingA Florida attorney could be facing charges after posting a video on social media showing him kill an animal.
VIDEO: Endangered Florida Panther On Wrong Side Of Fence, Lured Back To SafetyThe Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recently posted a video of a driver and FWC officers coming together to help an endangered Florida panther get to safety after it was seen stuck on the wrong side of a safety fence.
Red Tide Research Bill Passes Unanimously Through Florida SenateAlgae blooms have become a major problem along Florida’s coastlines.
Residents Warned After Coyote Spotted In Pembroke Pines NeighborhoodA safety alert is going out to families in Pembroke Pines, especially those with young children and pets.
22 Malnourished Sea Turtles Transferred To Florida Keys Turtle HospitalTwenty-two stranded juvenile green sea turtles, several encrusted with barnacles, indicating severe malnourishment, have arrived at the Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital from two Central Florida facilities for rehabilitation.