Florida Legislators Expected To Vote On Budget By Monday, After Regular Session EndsFlorida Senate President Wilton Simpson said negotiations on the state budget could be completed Thursday, setting up final votes on the package Monday, which is after the regularly scheduled 60-day session ends.
Florida Democrats Want Budget Priorities To Be More 'People Centered'House Democrats want the state’s next spending plan to be more “people-centered” as Gov. Ron DeSantis prepares to send a full budget proposal to the Legislature.
Florida Budget, Bevy Of Laws Ready To Take EffectMore than 100 new laws passed during the 2021 legislative session will hit the books this week, ranging from a record $100 billion state budget to a ban on COVID-19 vaccine “passports” and an expansion of school vouchers.
Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs $101.5 Billion State Budget After Vetoing $1.5BFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the $101.5 billion Florida budget on Wednesday, after vetoing $1.5 billion in federal money for an emergency response fund he said had strings attached that made it unusable.
Budget Lands On Gov. Ron DeSantis' DeskGov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday formally received a proposed $101.5 billion state budget filled with many of his top priorities.
Florida Lawmakers To Vote Friday On $101.5 Billion BudgetFlorida lawmakers will be able to vote Friday afternoon on a record $101.5 billion budget for the upcoming year and end the regular legislative session on time.
Budget Deal Funnels Bonuses To First RespondersHouse and Senate leaders Monday night finished nailing down details of a roughly $100 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year, after agreeing that first responders statewide should get $1,000 bonuses for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Florida Local Money Requests Pile Up Amid State Budget WarningsTwo major local funding requests, including a proposal to help a community devastated by Hurricane Michael, were filed last week as legislative leaders reminded lawmakers that the upcoming state budget will be tight.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Budget Plan Addresses Climate Change ImpactsGov. Ron DeSantis wants to spend $25 million next year and more in coming years to set up a program that would help address coastal flooding and other climate-change impacts across the state.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Looks To Boost School SpendingGov. Ron DeSantis is asking lawmakers for a $285 million increase in public-school funding in the coming year and to keep tuition rates flat for college and university students --- a potentially stark contrast to what House and Senate budget leaders have signaled could be coming.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Proposes Record $96.6 Billion Budget, Focuses On Environment, SchoolsFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis released his “Florida Leads” budget proposal on Thursday for Fiscal Year 2021-2022.