Coronavirus Could Curb Florida Spending, Tax CutsFlorida lawmakers are looking to build reserves by cutting spending as the state reacts to the threat of the novel coronavirus and a plunge in the stock market.
Coronavirus ‘Panic’ Could Affect Ongoing Florida Budget NegotiationsAs the stock marketed plummeted Monday, House Speaker Jose Oliva, R-Miami Lakes, indicated that fears about the novel coronavirus could affect the ongoing negotiations about a new state budget.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' Budget Would Trim ‘Earmarks’Florida lawmakers got another message to expect a lean year for bringing home budget bacon.
Pay For Florida Teachers A Centerpiece Of Governor Ron Desantis' BudgetGov. Ron DeSantis is proposing a $1 billion injection into Florida’s public education system in the upcoming fiscal year, money that would largely go toward pay increases as the state deals with a teacher shortage.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Praised, Criticized On Environmental SpendingGov. Ron DeSantis drew praise as “a true environmental leader” but was also criticized for not putting more money toward the Florida Forever program and failing to adequately prepare the state for climate change as he released a proposed $91.4 billion budget on Monday.
Florida Governor DeSantis Budget Boosts Disabilities SpendingGov. Ron DeSantis on Monday called for legislators to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as $20 million into the state’s prescription-drug importation effort --- or about $5 million less than what a top state health official sought.
Florida Gov. Ron Desantis' Budget Proposal Doesn’t Count On Gambling MoneyA $91.4 billion budget proposal released Monday by Gov. Ron DeSantis does not include money from the Seminole Tribe of Florida, though DeSantis appeared to hold out the possibility of reaching a gambling deal with the tribe.
New State Budget Full Of Spending NuggetsA record $91.1 billion spending plan for next fiscal year will soon be formally transmitted to Governor Ron DeSantis.
Florida Senate Passes $90.3 Billion State BudgetThe Florida Senate has passed a $90.3 billion budget plan for next fiscal year while the House began work on its version that is about $400 million less.
Money For Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Plane Remains In Holding PatternMoney for a plane for Gov. Ron DeSantis is still up in the air.
Lawmakers Ended Special Session After Reaching Deal That Increases Public-School FundingThe House and Senate have reached an agreement that will increase public-school funding, ending a special session that started Wednesday.