Judge Nixes Deal For Fix-A-Flat Fake Butt Doc A proposed deal for a South Florida man accused of injecting “super glue” and Fix-A-Flat into the buttocks of women in botched illegal cosmetic surgery procedures has gone flat.
Accused Fake Butt Doctor Bonds Out Of JailThe alleged fake doctor accused of injecting Fix-A-Flat into patients and later charged with manslaughter has been released from jail just days after her bond was significantly reduced.
Bond Reduced For Accused Fake Butt DoctorBond has been reduced for the alleged fake doctor accused of injecting Fix-A-Flat into patients and later charged with manslaughter.
$150K Bond For Accused Fake Butt DoctorThe alleged fake doctor accused of injecting Fix-A-Flat into patients is waiting to bond out of the Broward County jail after being charged with manslaughter.
Accused Fake Butt Doctor Arrested For Manslaughter The man who made international headlines for allegedly injecting women with foreign substances including fix-a-flat, cement and superglue has been hit with new charges.
Arrest Made In "Toxic Tush" Talk Show BrawlThe mother of one of the alleged victims in the ‘toxic tush’ case has been charged with battery against a defendant in that case.
Alleged "Fix A Flat" Fake Doc Pleads Not Guilty - AgainThe woman at the center of the so-called ‘fix-a-flat’ case is scheduled to be back in court on Thursday. O'Neal Ron Morris, who allegedly injected items like fix-a-flat into women’s posteriors, will be arraigned on charges of medical wrongdoing.
Fake Butt Doctor Pinched AgainONeal Ron Morris, the infamous fake doctor that allegedly injected items like fix-a-flat into patients’ posteriors, has been arrested by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office after more allegations of medical wrongdoing were made against her.
Judge Denies 'Toxic Tush' Accomplice Restraining Order The man accused in connection with the so-called fix-a-flat fake doctor scandal was back in court Friday where a judge ruled against his request for a permanent restraining order against a woman who he said attacked him during a taping of the Cristina Show on Telemundo.
Restraining Orders Issued After 'Toxic Tush' Talk Show MeleeThe attorney for a man who was attacked on-stage during the taping of a program on Miami's infamous "Toxic Tush" case has obtained restraining orders against two women who set off an on-camera free-for-all during a taping of “Palante con Cristina” Wednesday.
‘Toxic Tush’ Assistant Allegedly Attacked On Talk-Show StageA man accused of being involved in South Florida’s infamous “Toxic Tush” case was reportedly attacked while appearing on a talk show but no charges have been filed.