Anglers Can Go Saltwater Fishing On Saturday Without A LicenseWould-be anglers can try saltwater fishing this Saturday, September 5th, without a license.
'Once In A Lifetime Achievement' For Florida Angler With New State Record Flathead CatfishWhat weighs nearly 70 pounds, measures more than 48 inches long and has set a new fishing record? It's a record breaking flathead catfish.
Florida Fisherman Contracts Flesh-Eating BacteriaA fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico didn't go as planned for a Florida man who contracted flesh-eating bacteria and is now hospitalized.
New Rules Proposed For Shark Fishing Include No More Chum In WaterPeople who fish from shore for sharks would be barred from putting chum in the water to attract the fish.
Florida Needs More Fishing Folk, HuntersFlorida may proclaim itself the “fishing capital of the world,” but wildlife officials say they need more anglers to help cover costs of running state programs.
Decline Of Biscayne Bay's Sea Grass Affecting Marine Life What was once the richest part of Biscayne Bay’s biomass with abundant fish, crab, and sea grass for many years is now dying.
Lawmakers Could Put More Teeth In Shark Finning LawA measure that would increase fines and suspend licenses for people who violate a state law about the illegal possession of shark fins is poised for approval by the Florida Senate next week.
Senate Bill Targets Shark Fin TradeA bill filed in the state Senate would crack down on the sale and possession of shark fins and shark tails which are considered a delicacy in parts of Asia.
Florida Imposing Limits On Barracuda Fishing Off Six CountiesFishing limits are nothing new to those who enjoy the sport around Florida’s coastlines.
Inventive Cubans Hunt Expensive Fish Using Inflated CondomsJuan Luis Rosello sat for hours on Havana's Malecon as the wind blew in from the Florida Straits, pushing the waves hard against the seawall.
Florida Fishermen Catch 347-Pound Monster GrouperA team of fishermen are celebrating big after reeling in a 347-pound grouper -- a fish so large it barely fit on their boat.