‘This Is An Urgent Emergency’: Miami Commissioner Ken Russell Calls On Volunteers To Help With Biscayne Bay Fish KillCrews and volunteers worked Sunday to clean up the dead fish that continue to brush up along the shoreline of Biscayne Bay. Water experts say is happening due to the lack of oxygen.
Miami Mayor Takes 'Emergency Steps' To Address Fish Kill In Biscayne Bay & Miami-Dade Fireboats Try To Oxygenate The WaterMiami Mayor Francis Suarez is taking steps to address the recent fish kill in Biscayne Bay while Miami-Dade County uses its fireboats from PortMiami to try and oxygenate the water.
Biscayne Bay Fish Kill Attributed To Lack Of Oxygen In The WaterLittle to no oxygen in Biscayne Bay has led to a massive fish kill. Now experts are working on a solution but it's only for the short-term.
'It's Just Nasty': FWC Investigating Biscayne Bay Fish Kill & Residents Are ConcernedFlorida Fish and Wildlife researchers are monitoring Biscayne Bay after thousands of fish were found dead in the water on Tuesday morning.
Concern Over Dead Fish Popping Up In DadeA mystery in a northeast Miami-Dade after dead fish popped up in a canal and lake in the Sun Swept Isles neighborhood of Highland Lakes, off Ives Dairy Road.
Plantation Resident Concerned About Dead Fish In Backyard CanalBrittany Mohler said she and her family were enjoying a Friday evening dip in the pool at their Plantation home last week when they smelled something terrible.
Plantation Resident: Workers Dumped Substance In Canal, Killing FishA Plantation resident is blaming a pool company for polluting a canal behind his home and killing dozens of fish.
Red Tide Inching Up SW Florida CoastlineBeachside city officials from Sanibel Island to Sarasota are keeping an eye on a red tide which is creeping up the southwest Florida coastline.
Fish Kill Possible Due To Cold SnapAs temperatures drop in Florida, the number of cold-related fish kills is likely to increase.