Elian Gonzalez: 'I See Castro Alive In The Cuban Community'A familiar face in the Cuban and Cuban-exile community appeared Tuesday morning as some on the island nation mourned the loss of Fidel Castro while others continue to celebrate his death.
Trek To Castro's Final Resting Spot Traces Revolution's PastFidel Castro's band of bearded rebels won power in 1959 and embarked on a victory tour from the eastern Cuban city of Santiago to Havana. On Wednesday, his ashes will make that same journey in a procession to his final resting spot.
Brothers To The Rescue Making A Comeback?In the wake of Fidel Castro’s death, the Brothers to the Rescue organization is promising to take action.
Cubans Crowd Havana's Revolution Plaza, Mourning Fidel Castro Cubans are observing nine days of mourning following the death of former dictator Fidel Castro.
Cuban Exiles Plan Rally To Mark Fidel's Death, Demand Democracy Cuban exile organizations in Miami discussed their plans Monday for what they hope will be a huge gathering this week to mark Fidel Castro's death and demand democracy for Cuba.
Following Loss To Dolphins, Kaepernick Continues Defending Comments About CastroSunday afternoon at Hard Rock Stadium there was a little more going on than just an NFL game.
Cuban-American Millennials Anticipate Role In Evolving CubaTwenty-year-old Isabella Prio, born in Miami, expects to go to Cuba someday and help shape its future but she says she refuses to return to the country where her grandfather was once president until it's a democracy.
Mixed Emotions On First Commercial Flight From Miami To Havana Celebrations were going on at Gate D-30 ahead of the first commercial flight leaving to Havana, Cuba from Miami International Airport (MIA).
'Cafecito' Conversations Focus On Cuba's Future After CastroMonday was quite different on Calle Ocho after thousands had stormed the streets over the weekend celebrating the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.
49ers QB Kaepernick Defends Castro In Conference Call With Local MediaThe complicated legacy of Fidel Castro is making its mark on the sports world.
Celebrations Continue In Little Havana On SundaySouth Florida is continuing to celebrate the death of Fidel Castro with the jubilation spanning several generations of Cuban people.
Elian Gonzalez On Cuban TV: "Fidel Is Everyone's Friend"Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy who became the center of an international custody battle waged by Fidel Castro nearly two decades ago, returned to the public eye Sunday to praise the leader who fought to return him to the island nation.
Havana Spruces Up For Tributes To Late Leader Fidel CastroThe atmosphere in Havana, Cuba is quite different than it has been in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood.
Cuban People Cautiously Optimistic After Death Of Fidel CastroThe Little Havana and Westchester neighborhoods were fairly quiet on Sunday morning though they did have the feel of after New Year’s Eve.
For Cuban Exiles, Relief & Peace Arise After Dictator's DeathFor Cuban exiles everywhere, it has been an emotional and long-awaited day.