Elderly Couple's Belongings Left Out In Rain After EvictionJames Walker, 78, stepped through the pieces of his life, a scattered mess of personal papers and photographs left behind after he and his wife were evicted from their home of more than 25 years on Thursday.
“Big Brother" Introduces 2 New Twists In PremiereCBS and host Julie Chen are promising us the “wildest season ever” for the 15th edition of Big Brother which premieres Wednesday, June 26.
Apt. Residents Furious Over Forced EvictionThere were cries of desperation and anxious moments at a Little Havana apartment building Monday as nearly 80 people living in the building were forced to leave their homes because the structure was deemed unsafe.
Liberty City Woman May Lose Home On ThanksgivingA Liberty City activist may not be able to enjoy Thanksgiving in her home of the last 40 years unless she can come up with nearly $70,000.
Judge: Religious Group Evicted Families To House Sex Offenders A judge ruled that a religious group in Palm Beach County violated federal law after it evicted families from a complex in order to house former inmates.
North Miami Police Rids Apartment Of SquattersNorth Miami police officers raided an apartment complex serving eviction notices on “tenants” who police say have no lawful right to be in the building.
South Florida Family Tricked By Latest Craigslist ScamFor nearly two years the Velez family has been out of work. Evicted from their Homestead home, they now live with family in a one bedroom in Kendall.
Miami Beach Residents Forced From ApartmentsResidents of a rundown Miami Beach apartment building have to be out of their homes by Thursday night after the building was declared unsafe.
South Beach Shooter Was Being Evicted By FatherThe man accused of shooting and killing a handyman during an eviction proceeding on South Beach Monday was being evicted by his own father.