Elian Gonzalez Believes He Would Have Been Used To Make Cuba Look Bad"I think I would have become the poster boy for that group of Cubans in Miami that tries to destroy the revolution, that try to make Cuba look bad."
Elian Gonzalez: 'I See Castro Alive In The Cuban Community'A familiar face in the Cuban and Cuban-exile community appeared Tuesday morning as some on the island nation mourned the loss of Fidel Castro while others continue to celebrate his death.
Elian Gonzalez On Cuban TV: "Fidel Is Everyone's Friend"Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy who became the center of an international custody battle waged by Fidel Castro nearly two decades ago, returned to the public eye Sunday to praise the leader who fought to return him to the island nation.
Fidel Castro Dies On Anniversary Of Elian Gonzalez' Rescue At SeaOn November 25, 1999, it was Thanksgiving Day and a small Cuban boy named Elian Gonzalez was rescued at sea after losing his mother in a deadly journey across the Florida Straits.
New Bush E-Book Details His Days As Florida GovernorRepublican Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush released an e-book giving deeper look into his days as Florida's governor.
Elian Gonzalez Says He Loves UsElian Gonzalez, who became the center of an international custody battle that ended with a Miami raid by federal agents and riots, wants to visit the United States and wants the American people to know he loves them.
15 Years After The Elian Gonzalez Federal RaidIt was 15 years ago when the battle over Elian Gonzalez set off an international custody battle--and South Florida was smack in the middle of it.
Protesters: 'It's Not The Time' For More Cuba TiesAnti-Castro protesters took to the streets of Miami on Saturday to voice their resistance to the president's plan to normalize relations with Cuba.
Raul Castro Says Detente Won't Change Cuban SystemThree men convicted of spying in the United States and returned to Cuba as part of an agreement, stood in front of members of the Cuban parliament and received a standing ovation on Saturday.
U.S. Cubans Split Over Change In U.S. PolicyNews of American contractor Alan Gross' release and the administration’s change to U.S. policy toward Cuba has swept through the streets of Little Havana.
US Wins Big With Release Of Blue Chip Spy Held In CubaAlan Gross wasn’t the only American returned during Wednesday’s historic prisoner swap with the Cuban government. An unidentified spy, with massive intelligence information at the highest levels of the Cuban government, was also exchanged.