Former El Faro Engineer Said Crew Worked Hard To Keep It From SinkingThe former chief engineer of the El Faro testified that the crew did everything they could to try and keep it afloat.
Investigators Will Release Transcript From El Faro's Final Voyage Investigators will release transcripts of the audio recovered from the freighter El Faro which sunk during hurricane Joaquin killing all those on board.
El Faro 'Black Box' Recovered From 15K-Feet Beneath The SeaSearch crews have found the "black box" from the wreckage of El Faro ship that sank near the Bahamas after being caught in Hurricane Joaquin last year, officials said Tuesday.
El Faro's Loss Described As 'Colossal' Management FailureThe U.S. Coast Guard have ended a second round of investigative hearings into the sinking of the freighter El Faro during which the disaster was characterized by one investigator as "a colossal failure" of management.
New Hearings Into Sinking Of El Faro FreighterThe U.S. Coast Guard's Marine Board of Investigation and the National Transportation Safety Board will begin a second round of investigative hearings Monday into the sinking of the freighter El Faro.
Investigators Find 'El Faro' Missing Data RecorderInvestigators found what could be a key piece in the sinking of El Faro investigation.
Hearings Attempt To Solve Mysteries Of El Faro SinkingU.S. Coast Guard hearings looking into the sinking of El Faro are set to start Tuesday.
NTSB To Launch 2nd Search Mission For Wrecked FreighterFederal investigators are planning to return to the wreckage site of El Faro - the ship that sunk after getting caught in Hurricane Joaquin, officials said Thursday.
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NSTB: 'El Faro' Bridge Deck Found, Search On For RecorderInvestigators says they have found a bridge deck of the cargo ship that sank last month off the Bahamas after encountering Hurricane Joaquin.
Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Of 5 Polish 'El Faro' Crew Members' FamiliesThree days after the U.S. Navy located the ill-fated the cargo ship the El Faro on the bottom of the ocean off the Bahamas, attorneys in Miami filed suit against the ship's owner and the estate of its captain, Michael Davidson.