Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Agreement To Continue Work On Key Reservoir Aiding In Everglades RestorationGov. Ron DeSantis has signed an agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers that will continue work on a key reservoir meant to aid in Everglades restoration.
Earth Day: A Look Back At The First EventThe first Earth Day happened 51 years ago, when CBS News's Walter Cronkite called it "a day dedicated to enlisting all the citizens of a bountiful country in a common cause of saving life from the deadly biproduct of that bounty."
'There's Nothing Better': Earth Day Celebrated In Florida Keys With Sea Turtle ReleaseIn celebration of Earth Day, staff from the Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital released a rehabilitated loggerhead sea turtle back to the ocean off Marathon Thursday.
Earth Day 2021 Events And Freebies In South FloridaFrom free tree saplings to beachside yoga, even an interactive puppet show for the kids, there are plenty of Earth Day deals, events and freebies. Check them out here.
'We Need These Healthy Reefs': Rescue A Reef For Earth DayEarth Day, which is officially marked on April 22, is about saving the environment and that includes our oceans.
Climate Change Threatening Coffee Plants Around GlobeScientists warn that your morning cup of joe could be in jeopardy as climate change threatens coffee plants around the globe. However, researchers think they may have found a solution.
Earth Day: Future Of Solar Energy Looking BrighterA growing number of homeowners are installing sun-powered panels and experts believe the industry will keep rising.
Earth Day: Driftwood Middle School 'Green Team' Immersed In Environmental WellnessEnvironmental wellness isn’t something students at Driftwood Middle School only focus on for Earth Day. No, the students at this Hollywood school live and study it every single day, especially the "Green Team."
Eye On Earth: 'One Of The Most Peaceful Places In South Florida': Wakodahatchee WetlandsIf you’re looking for a place to enjoy wildlife, nature and a stunning sunrise, there is no better place than the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach.
Earth Month Coloring BookDownload our Earth Day coloring book to enjoy while learning about helping the planet.
‘You Have Immense Responsibility’: Earth Day Is Every Day At Dolphins Plus MMREarth Day is every day at Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder in Key Largo.