Florida Bill Would Let State Agencies To Use Drones To Eradicate Invasive PythonsA unanimously approved bill would allow the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Florida Forest Service to use drones in the fight against invasive Burmese pythons.
Drone Technology Used To Better Prepare For 2019 Hurricane SeasonEmergency responders in Miami-Dade County could soon be getting faster and more efficient, just in time for hurricane season 2019.
Anti-Drone Technology At Ultra May Have Violated Federal LawThe Federal Aviation Administration says a company working with Miami police to jam signals to prevent drones from flying over the recent Ultra electronic music festival may have been in violation of federal law.
IBM Wants To Make Coffee-Delivering Drones That Monitor You At WorkIBM has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for their idea of a camera-equipped drone that hovers over you, watching your pupil dilation and facial expressions to judge if you need more coffee.
Broward Sheriff's Office Unveils Drone FleetThe Broward Sheriff's Office is now employing some new high tech help.
Google Employees Demand Company Stop Work On U.S. Military ProjectOver 3,000 employees at Google have signed an open letter to the company's leadership urging them to drop out of the Pentagon's project to equip drones with artificial intelligence.
South Florida Police Get Drone TrainingSome South Florida police officers got a crash course on operating unmanned aerial systems this week, aimed at making their jobs easier and more efficient, as well as saving the departments money.
Countywide Air Surveillance: Crime Fighting Tool Or Invasion Of Privacy?To fight crime, Miami-Dade police may deploy blanket surveillance from the air but the ACLU doesn't agree with the plan.
As Drone Sales Soar, So Do Concerns Over PrivacyDrone sales soared this holiday season and safety concerns rose as well.
1 Small Delivery For A Man, 1 Giant Leap For Amazon, Drones Amazon's drone delivery has started.
FAA Gives Disney Permission To Fly Drones At Theme ParksDisney now has permission to fly drones at the company's theme parks in Florida and California.