Florida Governor Ron Desantis Says Trump Loss Could Affect FloridaA day after President Donald Trump lost the Electoral College vote, Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested Tuesday that the exit of his close political ally from the White House could affect Florida on issues such as the coronavirus pandemic.
Will Trump Move To Mar-A-Lago? Not If Some Neighbors Have Their SayOnce President Donald Trump leaves the White House, it's been rumored that he will move to Mar-a-Lago, but that might not happen if some of his neighbors have a say.
Trump Lashes Out At Supreme Court After Texas Election Lawsuit RejectedPresident Trump is lashing out at the Supreme Court after it rejected his latest effort to overturn the results of last month's presidential election.
Dow Jones Tops 30,000 For First Time Ever As Biden Transition Points To More Stable FutureThe Dow Jones crossed the 30,000 threshold for the first time ever Tuesday, fueled by news that suggests a more stable economy in the near future.
Experts: Trump's Election Challenge Far Different From Florida Recount, Legal Battles From Year 2000Legal and political experts say that the infamous Florida vote recount and legal battles of the year 2000 are far different from what is going on today.
Trump Supporters Gather In Westchester In Support Of The PresidentTrump supporters gathered on Bird Road in Westchester lending their support for the president on Thursday afternoon.
Florida Republican Leaders Won’t Speak Directly To President Trump’s Call To Stop Vote CountsPresident Trump falsely claimed to have won several states. He accused Democrats of stealing the election. Without evidence, he said there were secretly dumped ballots. All were flagged by Twitter.
Why President Trump Performed So Well In Miami-DadePresident Donald Trump won the state of Florida, in large part, due to a huge Republican showing in Miami-Dade.
What Do Election Results Mean For A Second Stimulus Package?Today's stock market gains come despite all the election uncertainty, but may suggest optimism for a second stimulus package down the line.
President Trump Takes Florida's 29 Electoral VotesPresident Donald Trump won the crucial swing state of Florida, whose 29 electoral votes were considered critical to his reelection push.
'We Love What They Did': Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Supports Pro-Trump Caravan That Swarmed Biden BusPresident Donald Trump is defending supporters who were seen surrounding a Biden campaign bus in Texas, which led Democrats to cancel an event there and suggested the FBI should stop investigating the incident. Florida Senator Marco Rubio also announced his support of the incident.
Pete Buttigieg: Americans Will See 'Definition Of A Good Economy' If Joe Biden Wins 2020 ElectionWhoever wins the presidency will face dual challenges of reining in the pandemic and rebuilding the economy.
Trump To Largely Maskless, Shoulder-To-Shoulder Supporters In Tampa: 'Wearing A Mask Is Appropriate When Social Distancing Isn't Possible'President Donald Trump wore his 'Make America Great Again' red hat as he addressed supporters during a rally in Tampa on Thursday afternoon.
Motorcyclist Sought After Breaching Closed Road During President Trump's Visit To South FloridaThe Florida Highway Patrol is looking for a motorcyclist who got mixed up in President Trump's motorcade Thursday afternoon.
President Trump, Joe Biden In Florida Thursday To Rally SupportWith just five days left until the election our battleground state is busy, with both President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden hoping to swing it their way.