Second Cyclist Dies After Group Was Struck By Distracted Driver In Davie A second person has died after a driver plowed into a group of cyclists Sunday morning in Davie.
Drivers Holding A Pet Will Be Cited Under New Distracted Driving LawA major crackdown on distracted drivers in a small town in northeast Ohio is going well beyond the usual ban on texting-while-driving.
Law Enforcement's Message For Labor Day Weekend: Don't Drink And DriveAttention drivers! The message is clear: Don't drink and drive!
NTSB: Stop Jumping Out Of Moving Cars To Take The Shiggy ChallengeDrivers are being urged not to try a dangerous social media challenge that is popular right now.
New Car Tech Can Lead To Distracted DrivingWhen most people think of distracted driving, they think of people talking on their cell phones or texting behind the wheel.
Distracted Driving Related Crashes Are Up In The U.S.For years, traffic deaths in the U.S. were dropping but recently fatalities on our roads increased.
State Rep. Wants Tougher Law On Texting While DrivingState Rep. Emily Slosberg is trying to build support to make texting while driving a primary offense.
Emoji Sculpture In Downtown Miami Highlights Texting & Driving DangersA dramatic piece of artwork is bringing attention to the dangers of distracted driving.
Video Highlights South Florida's Distracted Driver DilemmaWhether it's talking, texting or eating, distracted driving has become a major problem on south Florida's roads and across the U.S.
Put Down The Phone, April Is Distracted Driving Awareness MonthHow many times have you done this - looked down at your phone while driving to answer a call, or read a text, and almost run into the person in front of you.
Reports Show Distracted Walking Injuries On The RiseDistracted walking injuries are becoming so common, the National Safety Council (NSC) is including them in its annual injury report for the first time.