Passenger Rail Bill Hits House RoadblockA controversial proposal for the state to oversee aspects of high-speed rail might have been derailed in the House.
Transportation Dept. Wants All Fees Exposed In Airfare Prices Booking your airline ticket can get confusing with all the individual charges but that may change.
Feds Find No Fault In Airline Price-Gouging ProbeThe feds say they did not find that five airlines were involved in price gouging after a train derailment in 2015.
Department Of Transportation Unveiling Plans On Regulating Driverless CarsFederal officials say they see great potential in self-driving vehicles. But they also see potential risks.
Video Highlights South Florida's Distracted Driver DilemmaWhether it's talking, texting or eating, distracted driving has become a major problem on south Florida's roads and across the U.S.
FAA Cracks Down On Use Of Recreational Drones Drones are expected to be the hot holiday item this year and that is why the Obama administration is now cracking down on the growing use of recreational drones.
Top Transportation Officials Talk About Florida's FutureSome of the nation's top transportation officials are in Florida, ready to listen to commuter needs and future concerns.
Gov. Scott Approved Anti-Trafficking Measure, Vetoes Three Bills Florida Governor Rick Scott approved an anti-trafficking measure among other items as well as vetoed three bills on Tuesday.
Airlines Bring In More Money From Bag, Reservations FeesAirlines in the United States, earning billions, are now making more on fees for checked bags and reservation changes.
Lawmakers Look At 5-Year Plan For Land, Water MoneyFlorida lawmakers might lay out future water and land preservation efforts in a 5-year plan updated annually, similar to how transportation projects are prioritized.
SunPass Hits The Road In Georgia, Possibly Other StatesCustomers of Georgia's Peach Pass system traveling Florida's Turnpike during the Thanksgiving holiday were advised, via electronic message boards, to take the "SunPass-only" lane.