DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Barry At The Regal Oakwood Stadium 18"I wanted a car big enough for two kids." - Barry and his Mercedes Benz
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Todd At The 74th Street Beach"I did exhaustive research. I've been researching cars for about a year." - Todd and his Toyota Camry
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jorelle At Muss Park"The whole place just stopped and went quiet. They said no one pays in cash." - Jorelle and her Silver Volvo S40
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dalva At The Miami International Airport"I never want to drive anything else ever again. I love my car!" - Dalva and her Honda Civic
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Herriade At The Miami Museum Of Science“I test drove other cars. This one, it was like a glove.“ - Herriade and his BMW 325
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Juan At Fisher Park“In this car, I feel like I’m ready for everything. “ - Juan and his Hyundai Accent Hatchback
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Amy At Pompano Beach“I saw the ScIon and said those little things are so cute.“ - Amy and her Toyota Scion
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jonah At Nautilus Middle School“My birthday! I woke up and there was the car." - Jonah and his Honda Civic
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Claudia At Miami Beach Senior High School“I love it because it’s German made and it’s stick.“ - Claudia and her Audi A4
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mandee At Emerald Hills"I wanted a luxury car that was American." - Mandee and her Cadillac CTS
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Beverly At The Bass Museum"Parenting magazine had said the Honda Accord was among the safest and best family cars of 2009." - Beverly and her Honda Accord