Focus On South Florida: The Education FundSince 1985, the education fund has worked side-by-side with the private sector to direct resources where they are needed most in Miami-Dade schools.
Sony Artist Prince Malik Offers Reward For Info On Stolen SafeThe theft of a safe containing thousand of dollars in valuables from a popular South Florida entertainer may be part of a much larger crime wave.
Traffic-Related Incident Leads To Shooting InvestigationPolice are investigating a traffic-related incident in Pembroke Pines that escalated into a physical confrontation—and one person being shot in the arm.
Unreal Deals: Be Weary Of Lead-Glass Filled GemsSecond only to diamonds in the hierarchy of precious gems, rubies are the most valued of all the colored stones. Making it a top reason to replicate them.
Contacts Craze: Lenses That Make You Look YoungerThere are all kinds of things out there that millions of people do every day to make themselves look younger. But here's one you may not have heard of yet: Contact lenses that take years off your look.
Dognapping Gets Attention Of 40 Florida FamiliesA string of dognapping cases have caught the attention of the Southwest Ranches community but one in particular got the attention of 40 families.
Buyer Beware: Real Rubies Or Fake Gems?Second only to diamonds in the hierarchy of precious gems, rubies are the most valued of all the colored stones.
Father, Son Graduate Broward College Together Graduating from college was a family affair for a father and son in Broward.
Local Law Enforcement Take On Possibility Of RiotsAmid the aftermath of the Baltimore riots, local law enforcement is taking on the task of the possibility of riots happening in South Florida.
Supreme Court Takes On Gay Marriage DebateThe debate on gay marriage is all about the Constitution of the United States of America and if it supports same-sex couples' right to marry. That's what the Supreme Court must decide.
FDA Considers New Treatment For Double ChinsThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering a new treatment meant to reduce the double chin using a drug, not surgery.
Gables School Looks Beyond Earth Day For Earth Day, schools across South Florida took the opportunity to teach kids about how to make a better tomorrow if you start today.
Could Beards Be Bad For Your Health?Men sporting facial hair is a hot trend at the moment, but there could be a downside, according to some experts.
Blue Bell Pulls All Products Off Store Shelves NationwideBlue Bell Ice Cream, after weeks of gradual recalls, is pulling all of its products off store shelves.
Kraft Mac & Cheese Mixing Up Classic FormulaKraft is rolling out its new option for their classic macaroni and cheese – one without yellow food dye. But why?