Surviving Pilot Whale Taken To SeaWorld A pilot whale which had been convalescing at a Key Largo facility since a mass stranding on May 5 now has a new home at SeaWorld in Orlando.
Pilot Whale Stranded In Keys Likely To Stay In CaptivityA pilot whale that stranded off the Florida Keys is likely to remain in captivity. The whale was among seven brought to the Marine Mammal Conservancy in Key Largo after surviving a stranding May 5 off Cudjoe Key.
Keys' Teen Dead After Surfacing From Dive Too Quickly A Florida Keys teen, who was rushed to a Miami hospital after he surfaced too quickly while scuba diving, has died.
Keys Marine Center Needs Volunteers For 3 Surviving Whales Three of the 21 pilot whales are left and the marine mammal rehabilitation center in the Florida Keys is still looking for volunteers to maintain 24-hour vigils for the whales that stranded earlier this month.
Away From Spotlight, Whale Rescue Effort ContinuesThe plight of a pod of pilot whales who stranded themselves off Cudjoe Key two weeks ago has moved out of the headlines, but day after day, around the clock, a cadre of volunteers works to save the lives of the 4 surviving whales
Pilot Whales Taken To Keys' Rehab FacilityFive pilot whales which survived a mass stranding off Cudjoe Key last week have been taken to a marine life rehab center in Key Largo.
2 Released Pilot Whales Swimming StrongTwo of seven previously stranded pilot whales are swimming strong in the Florida Straits. The mammals were released Saturday from the lower Florida Keys.
Five Beached Pilot Whales Survive Another Night In Keys Five pilot whales which were part of a group that beached themselves near Cudjoe Key last week have survived another night.
2 Of 7 Pilot Whales Released Off Cudjoe KeyTwo of the seven surviving whales were released early Saturday afternoon. A total of 14 whales have died after beaching themselves near Cudjoe Key late Thursday afternoon.
Stranded Whale Death Toll Rises To 13A total of 13 whales have died after beaching themselves near Cudjoe Key late Thursday afternoon. That leaves 7 whales in stable, but guarded condition.
Two Pilot Whales Dead, Several Others Stranded Off Cudjoe KeyMarine mammal rescuers are working to save at least 16 pilot whales who were found stranded off the lower Florida Keys late Thursday afternoon.