Raul Castro Says Detente Won't Change Cuban SystemThree men convicted of spying in the United States and returned to Cuba as part of an agreement, stood in front of members of the Cuban parliament and received a standing ovation on Saturday.
US Wins Big With Release Of Blue Chip Spy Held In CubaAlan Gross wasn’t the only American returned during Wednesday’s historic prisoner swap with the Cuban government. An unidentified spy, with massive intelligence information at the highest levels of the Cuban government, was also exchanged.
Groups Seek Info From US About Exiles Detained In Cuba Two groups are trying to get information about Cuban Exiles detained on the communist island for an alleged terrorist plot.
Cuba 'Concerned' Over Jailed American's Hunger Strike The Cuban government expressed concern Wednesday over a jailed U.S. government subcontractor on hunger strike since last week.
Cuban 5 Spy Member Transported Through MiamiThe second member of the Cuban Five spy ring that was released Thursday was back in Miami Friday under heavy protection from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Another Cuban 5 Member Released From PrisonAnother member of the "Cuban Five" spy ring was released from a United States prison after spending the last 15 years behind bars.
Feb. Prison Release Date Set For 1 Of 'Cuban 5' Spies One of the five Cuban spies known as the " Cuban Five" spy ring convicted in the U.S. is set to be released next month from a Federal Prison in Arizona.
1st Of 'Cuban 5' Spy Ring Out Of U.S. PrisonRene Gonzalez, a Cuban man convicted of spying in the U.S. for the communist Castro government, was released Friday after serving a 15-year sentence.
Cuban Spy Wants To Go Home After Release From PrisonA former Cuban spy who spent more than a dozen years behind bars in the U.S. has asked a federal judge to allow him to return to his homeland when he’s released from prison next month.