UM Doctors Release Findings On 'Sonic Attacks' On US Diplomats Living In CubaA team of doctors at the University of Miami released a report into the mysterious sonic attacks on diplomats living in Cuba.
Cuba To Offer Residents Full Internet Access On Cell PhonesA step toward modernization in Cuba. The government says it will offer its people full internet access on their cell phones.
National Security Adviser John Bolton Announces Venezuela, Cuba & Nicaragua Sanctions In MiamiNational security adviser to President Donald Trump, Ambassador John Bolton was in Miami Thursday afternoon where he announced new sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.
Cuba Denies 'Sonic' Attacks On US DiplomatsCuba's new president has denied his country had any involvement in "sonic" attacks against US diplomats in the country.
Cuban Scientist Rejects Microwaves As Source Of Mysterious Acoustic Attacks On DiplomatsA Cuban government investigator dismissed a US government theory that microwave weapons emitting concentrated beams of radiation may have been used in attacks.
Congressional Candidate David Richardson On Donna Shalala, Healthcare And CubaTrailing in his bid to win a Congressional seat, Democratic State Rep. David Richardson has sharpened his attacks on front-runner Donna Shalala, but denies his campaign is simply a series of negative attacks on his rival.
Brothers To The Rescue Co-Founder Billy Schuss Dies At 83One of the two founding members of Brothers to the Rescue has passed away.
Overboard Missing Cruise Employee Found 21 Miles North Of CubaA missing crewmember from the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship has been found.
Pompano Beach Woman First To Paddleboard From Cuba To The KeysA Pompano Beach fire inspector has become the first woman to complete the 100-mile voyage from Cuba to the Florida Keys on a standup paddleboard.
Former CIA, Anti-Castro Militant Luis Posada Carriles Dead At 90Former Central Intelligence Agency operative and militant Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles, who was accused of organizing a string of 1997 Havana hotel bombings and a 1976 Cuban airline bombing that killed 73 people, has died. He was 90.
At Least 100 Dead In Cuba Plane Crash, State Media ReportsA Boeing 737 crashed after taking off from Jose Marti International Airport in Cuba.
Cuba's LGBT Community Stage Parade In HavanaThousands of members of Cuba's LGBT community staged a colorful parade through the streets of Havana on Saturday against homophobia and to call for equal rights for the community.
Custody Battle For Infant Stretches From South Florida To CubaNew details have emerged in a custody battle over a baby born in South Florida.
Raul Castro Exit's Cuba's Presidency, New Leader NamedFor the first time in nearly six decades, the leader of Cuba is not someone from the Castro family.
Historic Transition Time In Cuba As Raul Castro Prepares For SuccessorFor the first time in the lives of most Cubans, a man not named Castro is set to take over the leadership of the Communist-run island nation.