Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Said Government Partly To Blame For ProtestsCuba's president said his government should shoulder some of the blame for the recent protests on the island.
'Patria Y Vida' Becomes Anthem For Those Clamoring For A Free CubaYou have seen the signs and heard the cries of "Patria y Vida", meaning "Homeland and Life" and it has become the siren song for protesters on the island as well as here in South Florida.
Hundreds Gather In Little Havana To Rally For 'Freedom In Cuba'A rally was being held Wednesday afternoon in Little Havana, just one day after a large group of South Florida demonstrators blocked a stretch of the Palmetto Expressway in support of rare protests in communist Cuba.
Coast Guard Warns Against Boat Trips To Cuba Due To Dangerous Conditions Out On The WaterSome Cuban Americans in South Florida are looking for support as they stand up for their brothers and sisters on the island.
Cuba Confirms One Man Dead In Anti-Government ProtestsOne person died during rare widespread demonstrations in Cuba, as the people rallied against the oppressive Communist regime.
Amid Rare Protests, President Biden Considers Cuba PolicyAfter rare widespread protests in Cuba, more than 100 people have been arrested or are missing, according to anti-government activists.
'Perfect Scenario For A Social Explosion': Center For A Free Cuba On Weekend ProtestsThe coronavirus pandemic is a big part of what's fueling the mass protests in Cuba.
Cuba Protests Planned In Miami, But Turnout UnclearCuban-American groups have called for others to join in their protest Saturday against President Barack Obama's plan to normalize relations with Cuba.