‘Get The Vaccine’: 49-Year-Old COVID Survivor Speaks Out After 13 Days In HospitalKayasa Cobb says she regrets her initial reluctance to get vaccinated.
South Florida's Food For The Poor Critical In Getting COVID-19 Vaccines To HaitiA shipment of 500,000 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has finally arrived in Haiti which was donated by the United States. A key part of their vaccine program was provided by the U.S. Southern Command and South Florida’s Food for the Poor.
Florida School Children Won’t Need Proof Of COVID Vaccine To Attend In-Person ClassesMany parents are wondering if their kids will have to show proof of COVID vaccination to attend school in the fall.
Study Sheds Light On Willingness Of American Adults To Get VaccinatedFor months, health officials have been saying vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic.
FDA OKs Pfizer COVID Vaccine For Those As Young As 12, But Will Parents Let Their Kids Get The Shot?Just one day after the Food and Drug Administration gave the green light to the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use in 12 to 15 year olds, local health officials are weighing in on who will get their dose first.
Publix Pharmacies In Florida Now Offering Walk-In COVID VaccinationsYou no longer have to make an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine at Publix pharmacies in Florida, and six other states.
Local Leaders, Doctors Encourage African-American Community To Get VaccinatedThe race to vaccinate is losing some stream.
Biden Administration To Cover Vaccine FeesAs part of the Biden administration’s efforts to provide free access to COVID-19 shots, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday it will pay administration fees to health-care providers who vaccinate patients enrolled in health plans that don’t cover the fees or that require patient cost sharing.
Centner Academy’s CEO Holds Meeting With Parents After Teacher Tells Class COVID Vaccine Is DangerousA new twist to the vaccine controversy at Centner Academy. A meeting was held Thursday afternoon with parents after a teacher told a fifth grade class not to hug their vaccinated parents.
Centner Academy Science Teacher Cautions 5th Graders On Hugging Vaccinated ParentsIn an email to CBS Miami, Leila Centner confirmed the incident with the fifth-grade class occurred, but argued the teacher violated school policy by discussing the issue with the children.
Republican State Sen. Manny Diaz Calls Centner Academy’s Stance On COVID Vaccine ‘Pretty Ridiculous’ & ‘Dangerous’The leading proponent of vouchers and private schools in the state legislature says he found the actions of the Centner Academy “pretty ridiculous” and “dangerous,” because of the founder’s threats to fire teachers who get the COVID-19 vaccine.
'It's Baffling': Parents Confused After Centner Academy Announces They Won't Employ People Who Have Been VaccinatedLeila Centner, co-founder and CEO of Centner Academy, has recently shared unfounded COVID conspiracies on her Instagram page.
Centner Academy’s CEO Stands By Claims That COVID Vaccines Are ‘An Experiment Right Now’Leila Centner, CEO of Centner Academy, spoke Tuesday about her school’s controversial new policy trying to keep teachers and staff from getting lifesaving COVID vaccinations.
White House Gives Its Position On Centner Academy's Announcement They Won't Employ Vaccinated PeopleWhite House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the COVID-19 vaccine is designed “to keep children safe, keep parents safe, keep teachers safe.”
Centner Academy Won't Employ COVID-19 Vaccinated Employees, Citing Debunked TheoryThe owners of a Miami private school want its teachers and employees not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, citing a debunked anti-vaccination theory.